Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2, 2014 ~ Week 45

Hey everyone! 

This has been a crazy week for sure! So Tuesday morning, Elder Goates and I got up, headed over to Steve's house, said bye, then Brother Yoder drove us down to transfers. While at transfer meeting, I was able to find that I was doubling into Wilkes-Barre North...which was a sisters area... So we went and found the sisters that were there before, got the keys and our address, and printed off directions to our new home. So I am the designated driver, so I then, along with my new companion, began the 3 hour car drive up to Wilkes-Barre! It was great! It felt almost like I hadn't driven regularly for 10 months...So that's fun. We got home, went inside, and found little cute, girly sticky notes everywhere... Hooray! Also there was next to no food. We did have a dinner appointment though, so we called them and got some directions. Everyone in the ward is surprised because we aren't sisters. It's fun! We have been just trying to meet all of our investigators and less actives this week (lots of less actives, not very many investigators) along with the members. So it's exciting!

This area borders my old area in Scranton and everything is very similar. We cover the boonies of the ward and I LOVE IT! We are up in the mountains and driving around on the roads are so much fun. Everyone here is so nice too. We've been doing a lot of tracting, which originally I hated, but now it's one of my favorite ways to find people. What I really want to do is a lot of family history tracting. The area here originally was pretty segregated as far as nationalities go, so there are certain towns who are Polish, some that are Welsh,
some are Irish, and I want to find some ancestors who are of that nationality, so I can knock and be like, "Hey! Do you know anyone who has Polish ancestors? I've been learning about my great grandpa so and so and I wanted to find out more about the Polish people." 

I'm excited to be able to get to work here. It's gonna be great. My comp is Elder
Pintor.  He has been out for 17 months and he is from Las Vegas, Nevada. We work good together. Oh! The first night we were here we were laying in our beds, and I just said, "It smells like girls in here.." Because girls used to live there, and yeah... It smells like girls. 

Anyways! The gospel is true! Joseph Smith is a prophet! The Book of Mormon is the word of God. There is no way I could ever deny any of these things, I hope you have an amazing week. Stay strong.

~Elder Jorgensen

Stole this picture on transfer day from a FB friend.  :) Thanks Dianne!

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