Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27, 2015 ~ Week 92


So I'm getting transferred. Fun stuff right? I'm excited. It's been fun serving in Newark though. This area has grown considerably since I've been here, and I can definitely say that I left it stronger than I found it, which is always a big goal. 

This week we have seen a lot of fun things. We had a mission wide goal to talk to 10 people a day. Some days that's easy, but most days it's been pretty heard because we've had so many appointments and not a lot of time for finding. It was a fantastic experience, every spare moment was spent trying to find someone to talk to. 

We had a great lesson with Rachel this week at a member's house. It was so perfect. I'm a little sad because I don't get to teach her anymore, but I know Elder Payne will take great care of her. He's what I will miss most from this area I think. It's been such a blessing being able to train him. He's a great missionary and a great friend. I'm excited to keep working hard for the rest of my mission. 

Love you! Keep up the great work!

~Elder Jorgensen

Saturday, April 18, 2015

April 18, 2015 ~Week 91 (A couple days early)

Hello everyone!
So this week we got to go to the temple again!!! That means today (Saturday) was our P-Day!!! Yay!!! 
Elder Jorgensen and Elder Payne at the Washington D.C. Temple

We've had a great week. I went on exchange with Elder Roberts which was an adventure. I taught a fun district meeting on real intent, and for our role play we played "Headbandz." I wrote a sticky note with an intent on it such as "Follow God," or "Get Welfare," or "I feel sorry for the elders." The goal was to teach someone, and they would act like they had that particular intent, and the goal was to figure out what it was. Great fun! Lessons learned as well. 

So we are allowed to read emails throughout the week now, just not respond to them.
Great things are happening, as always. We've got a few new investigators that we'll be setting with baptismal dates this week, and all is just going great!

 Love you!
~Elder Jorgensen

Elder J and Brother F
Brother F is my tender mercy....thanks for all the pictures!
Brother F, Elder Jorgensen, and Elder Payne

Monday, April 13, 2015


Can't believe we're in double digits today. 
99 days from today, Elder Jorgensen will be home!

Monday, April 6, 2015

April 6, 2015 ~ Week 89

Well, hello there!
I'm doing fine and dandy in case anyone was wondering. This past week has just been a whirlwind of craziness, and emotions, and all sorts of stuff like that. I will categorize this email into three somewhat
distinct sections. As you read my email, think about how much you love me, and how much God loves his children.

Category number one: What's going on in the area!?!?
Interesting things. Interesting things. Interesting things. Lately we've been dropping a lot of investigators who just don't seem to want to repent. With that, we've in turn been focusing a lot on finding new investigators. We've seen quite a bit of success in finding new investigators, but not a lot of success in finding investigators who stick, and actually progress. It's an interesting conundrum. I'm just excited to see what I'm going to learn from the situation. But on a note somewhat connected, we have a new investigator that is solid. She's not a new investigator yet, but she's a friend of our Elders Quorum President, and she told him that she wants to get baptized, and he already told her about all the commandments, and the hard stuff. She says she just knows it's true. So when we do our best to find investigators on our own, and as we truly desire to love, and serve others by sharing the gospel, our Father in Heaven sends us the elect.

Category number 2: How is Elder Jorgensen?
I'm doing great! There were a lot of emotions this week. I taught what I think was a fantastic district meeting. I judge how good my district meetings are based on how much I'm able to learn, and how I feel at the end. The next day we had an amazing zone conference, which afterwards I had this sense of commitment and devotion to work hard that was stronger than it has ever been. General Conference rolled around, and I received answers to all my questions in the first 30 minutes of the first session. Funny how that works. I'm amazed at the power, wisdom, and foresight of the general authorities. It's like they are directed by God or something. ;)  I'm excited to apply all the things I learned in conference, to the rest of my life.

Category number 3: What is Elder Jorgensen learning?
Lately something that has been on my mind frequently is my devotion to Christ. I'm just beginning to understand who He is, and why it's so important to follow Him. I've always believed Him to be my Savior, and
have wanted to follow Him, but I've never understood why. As I have studied the scriptures with prayer and thanksgiving, and as I have listened to the words of the prophets, my eyes have begun to be opened
to the magnitude, and the glory of the great plan of happiness. Last night we visited a recent convert who is preparing to enter into the temple to receive her endowments. We were discussing with her what to expect, and other such things. It was impressed upon me again, as we spoke, how pure and direct our relationship is with Christ as we enter the Holy Temple. We go there to learn of Christ, and to strengthen our relationship with Him. I'm grateful for my Savior and for the promises he has made to us. I am grateful for the beacon of hope that
is the House of the Lord. Let it be your goal, as I strive to make it mine.

In closing, I would like to share with you what I feel was one of the most profound conference talks given. It was given by Elder AndersenHe spoke of the contrast of dancing, and music. The kingdom of God, I've come to find, lies not in the things we do, or the words we say, or even in the things we believe. The Kingdom of God is in power. (1Corinthians 4: 20) It is in the power of the Holy Ghost....divine revelation direct from our Father to us. It is the music that inspires the most beautiful dance of all. That we all might remember to turn our hearts and minds, and ears to the great Revelator, who leads us to Christ (D&C 84: 47) is my prayer, in His holy name, Jesus Christ, Amen.
~Elder Jorgensen