Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16, 2014 ~ Week 47

Dearly Beloved, 
Today we are each here for a reason. My reason is to tell you how my week went and how awesome being a missionary is. Your reason, I do not know, but I would hope that the reason you are here is because you love me and care about my life, and because you want to be a better member missionary. 

Now I of course am not the perfect expert missionary. Far from it actually, but I do do this 24/7 and have picked up some wonderful ideas along the way. So first off, being a missionary is great. Every single day begins with determination, and every day ends with determination. In order to stay happy and healthy, you need to be going, and doing, and teaching, and learning, and preparing all day long. It is the best feeling in the world when I feel like I'm just about to reach my limits, but then I keep going... And going... And going... I have no clue how it works, but God makes it work. 

This week has been absolutely full of miracles. Almost every single night when we sat down to plan we had an empty day ahead of us, so we plan some stop by's and some finding and go to bed. Every single day this week has been chalk full of lessons, and appointments and service. It is absolutely incredible to see how when we are willing to work, God blesses us with work. One miracle in particular I would like to touch on, Saturday morning we were just preparing to leave the
apartment, and I just had the thought to call Marlo, a potential investigator that Elder Pintor had found on exchange several weeks ago. We called her, and it turns out that the next day was her birthday, and she was going through a really tough time. We invited her to church, and she was so excited. She told us how she really wants to learn about the church, and get involved, and how badly she
needs it right now for her family. She told us she had talked it over we her dad, and her fiancé and that they all decided that they wanted the Gospel in their lives. So she is super prepared. At this point she still thinks we are just another church because we haven't had the chance to teach her anything yet, but I am so excited for our lesson with her on Tuesday! There was only one problem about church though...her fiancé was working so she needed a ride. So we went and visited Linda, a sister in the ward, to ask if she could give Marlo a ride. Boy is it a good thing we did, because Linda straight up told us that she was debating whether or not she wanted to apostatize... Me and her had a good talk about it. It makes me sad because 100% she just is straight up rebelling. It's not dwindling in unbelief, it isn't her making excuses because she's lazy. She straight up said that she knows the church is true, she's just not sure if she wants to go anymore. That aside though, she was willing to bring Marlo to church. So Sunday morning Marlo ended up getting the stomach flu. Legit. Not an excuse. But we still got Linda there, and Linda talked with the Bishop, and everything got better, and she realized Mosiah 2:41. So that's good. 

It's amazing to see the miracles that come from heeding the promptings of the spirit. Because I had never met Marlo before. I had never met Linda before, and yet I was able to be guided to help them at a time where they really needed it the most. It was incredible! That is one of the reasons I know what I'm doing is right. This is one of the many reasons that give me an assurance that God does love me, and my brothers and sisters on this earth. The church is true. It always has been, and as long as we have a prophet leading us with priesthood keys, it always will be! So my missionary advice to you this week, is to pray to know how God could use you to bless the life another, as you do that, you will be given opportunities to serve, and to love others that otherwise would have been lost. Again, missionary work is the best. Have a great week you guys!

~Elder Jorgensen

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