Monday, February 24, 2014

February 24, 2014 ~ Week 31

{Note from mom....can't believe today is 7 months in the field.  CrAzY!}

Why hello there! 
Many of you reading this email are aware that I am currently in the city of Reading! Now one thing that is very very stressed to all missionaries, whether it be from other missionaries, members, family, friends, whatever- is that when you are sent to an area, you are sent there for a very specific, perfect reason, that is divine, and truly the will of God. Well, I will definitely agree to that-To an extent. I wholeheartedly believe that wherever you serve, there are an infinite amount of perfect reasons for you to be there. God's plan for me being here is all encompassing. There aren't one or two reasons that I'm here, and then once those have happened, I can leave. Now, I do notice some specific lessons I'm learning here that I couldn't learn anywhere else, and some I miss. But I tell you all this so that I may speak of one specific reason I am in Reading. I am here to learn what NOT to do. Honestly! Some people in Reading make me so frustrated! They have no sense of commitment, common courtesy, or care for those around them. They are in desperate need of the Gospel. Everything they do is haphazardly done and they rarely finish anything they start. Time or commitment truly means nothing to them.  It doesn't matter if something's nice, just as long as it works. Now by the way things are looking, it looks like I hate Reading. I do not. It has just become VERY clear to me how easily the adversary corrupts the minds and hearts of those who do not know the good shepherd. These people need direction.  They need to learn how to work, and care about others, and to learn to desire that which is good in life. THAT is why I am here. To help these people not just live happy lives, but to help them prepare to enter into the kingdom of God. I understand now, much more completely HOW the Gospel has blessed my life and how it will yet to bless the lives of those I see. It truly is such a blessing to be able to find those that are truly being prepared to receive the Gospel.

 I know that this church is true. It helps people live a better life and I know that the covenants and promises we make when we are baptized, not only allow us to enter the gate which leads to the Kingdom of God, but they also prepare us to live in that kingdom. So yeah! There is my little frustrated, loving, passionate schpeal on Reading.... 

As a bonus...Here is an excerpt from my journal the other day!

Feb 22, 2014
"Today was crazy! This morning we went running, at my request. It felt so good! I realized I am super out of shape though. It was seriously the nicest day though. We headed over to help a member move. Now I need to record this just for the sake of remembering it. The old house was the second floor of an apartment building.  It had a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. 6 people all lived there. Crazy stuff. It was small and
cramped.  There were cockroaches everywhere, and it just wasn't that happy of a place. E's new home is so much nicer. It's still a row home, and we did a TON of work on it, but it is so nice. It feels like a members home, and she isn't even close to being unpacked and organized. But we showed up this morning at E's old house and
moved everything. It was super half the ward was there. She didn't even get a moving
van...people from the ward just took it in their cars and trucks. It was fast work. It felt so good to be doing stuff too. It kind of reminded me a lot of doing yard work and stuff in the spring.  Like the first nice day of the year, when it's still cold, but you wear a short sleeve shirt anyways just cause ya can. So awesome. I felt so good. We ended up spending almost all day there, helping however we could. For part of the time we were there, we were with Brother D picking up furniture from some DI knockoff store. It was funny because it was just like DI too.  It was even run by a church, but everyone working there were smoking and stuff. That was fun stuff. 

We then went to a baptism the Pottsville elders had. That was fun...a woman and her two kids. They were supah nice.  Then we went back to E's house and did more stuff. She gave us money to go eat but then Sis K brought food, so it all worked out. Then there was a point when E and her friend  we're talking about the shows that they've bounced for. They were naming off these bands, and I became very aware of how "white" I am. I'm totes fine with my whiteness though. It's just funny. I love it! Oh! Then came the point in the day when we went with Bro R to pick up a fridge, and we ended up driving all the way to Lancaster, which BTW is OUT OF THE MISSION. So bad!!!! but we had a miracle story come out of it when we found this awesome guy that loves the missionaries.  He totally wanted missionaries to come back.  So stinking cool. Pretty much pooped though. Did a lot of work today! Stinking tired. Goodnight!"

Love to you all,
Elder Jorgensen

 {I am still waiting for Christmas Pictures...sheesh!}

Steve and Bro. Yoder (Grandpa)
Gift that Steve gave us on his baptism day...engraved pocket watches with his baptism date.
"Brothers For Eternity  2-15-2014"

Random Garbage Can in Reading

Row Homes in Reading

Big Brother Advice...Always a Teaching Moment

{Note from mom....this is the SWEETEST letter I have ever read.  I had to include it because it completely demonstrates the passion and wisdom our sweet missionary has for what he is doing....always a teaching moment.  I've said it before, and I'll say it again....getting your kid involved in wrestling is one of THE single greatest things you can do for your boy.  Wrestlers make INCREDIBLE missionaries!  Just sayin'}

CAYDEN!!! So I hear you are going to be a big hotshot Greco wrestler now. Are you loving it? Freestyle and Greco are honestly my very favorite. It is so relaxed and the whole focus is to help you get BETTER. During the High School season, the whole purpose seems to be JUST to win. But now you are PREPARING to win. 

Compare it to the Plan of Salvation.  You are born into this life, and this life is the time to PREPARE. But not only to prepare to meet God, but the time to face many trials and the time to make mistakes, and to repent. When you go to those freestyle practices and tournaments, it's ok to make mistakes.  It's ok to learn. It's like going to church. It is that place that is very safe and that you will be able to learn so much to prepare you for going out into the world. Now when you go out into the world (Or wrestle in High School), your decisions are going to be much more important, because the consequences are far more drastic. You will have times when you are faced with much adversity, and you will struggle to do what is right. But if you have put in the time to prepare, and stand strong, when you come to stand before God at the Judgement (State tournament), You WILL be able to receive a place in the Celestial kingdom of God (1st place). But if you don't prepare, you will receive a lesser kingdom. DO NOT settle for a lesser kingdom. Put in the effort and the passion it requires to be successful. I hope this sort of made sense.

 I love you Cayden!
~Elder Jorgensen

Monday, February 17, 2014

February 18, 2014 ~ Week 30

Hey Everyone-
So this week has been pretty crazy. On Tuesday we had zone conference where we finally got our iPads. They are seriously so helpful for planning and teaching, and other things. Mostly for studying though. That is so weird, but so easy. We are allowed to email from our iPads too which is awesome because now we don't have to drive all the way to the church every Monday to email. The zone conference when we got these though was such a long, long, long day. We spent probably 4 hours just setting up our iPads. We had to go step by step setting up our emails, and all the security stuff on them as they are pretty locked down. Then driving home we got stuck in stop and go traffic, which was pretty miserable.  It was an awesome day, but so, so, so, so, so, so, so very long. Then for the rest of the week we got around a foot and a half of snow. Which was ridiculous because everyone here freaks out if there is 2 inches of snow. Our cars were grounded for most of the week, so we didn't get too much done all in all. We spent a lot of time shoveling. {Yay service!} What is really bad though was down in Reading...the streets are super narrow to begin with, and in areas where there are row homes, the street is lined we cars. So it snows a bunch, then the plows shoot the snow onto all the cars, and as a result cars are completely buried in snow, and you have to dig them out. Seriously though Reading is just a mess in general, they have run out of places to put the snow. Luckily we don't live in Reading so we don't have to deal with it as much.

So on Saturday, Steve got baptized! It was SUPER awesome. I'm not sure If I've told you all about Steve, but he is so awesome. He has come a very, very long way to get baptized. He is such a trooper and he has such a strong testimony.
He was baptized by his grandfather, and confirmed by the bishop. At his baptism, I gave the talk on baptism, and I really really wanted it to not be the typical baptism talk that people give every time. I spoke a lot about desires, and about how when we are baptized we aren't promising our Heavenly Father that we will be perfect, but that we are promising him that we desire to be so, and that we will always desire to be better. I thought it was good, but I gave it. 

Hmmm let's see... Other great things that happened this week... I got a
 Valentine package with a bunch of nice notes from people about what they love about me! I really appreciated that. It helped me to feel very loved. So THANK YOU to all who took part in that! It was very much appreciated. Also, on Friday we were getting ready for bed when our doorbell rang, and the pizza guy was there. My mom had ordered pizza for us. Isn't she the best? Anyways, thanks for all the love and support! I love you all! The church is true, and awesome, and perfect.

Love,  Elder Jorgensen


Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day to my FAVORITE Missionary!

Allie Baguley - “What I love about Cody is his wonderful laugh and great energy when he's in a good mood. Also his singing…. I love it and miss it soo much.”

Isaiah Mejia -“I loved that right before a match he would always start singing out loud. It was great!”

Rebecca Campbell-“I love his smile!”

Tina Fairbourn -“I love his positive attitude.”

Maddie Brown –“I love the funny letters that Elder Cody Jorgensen sends!”

Pa–“My Elder Cody is so high in speaking about the gospel and has a good knowledge about it.”

Laura Jackson- “I love that he is a dancer and an athlete. Inspirational to me!”

Kari-“I love that anytime I’ve ever been over you'd never know if he was in a bad mood - not sure if he ever had grumpy teenage boy moments without company, but when I was over he always had a smile on his face having a good time with everyone. Love you Cody!”

Amanda and Jace –“I love Cody's warm personality and smile! I also love the times he'd send me random hilarious/creepy texts hahaha. He is just a fun and loyal friend! Jace and I send our love!!  Oops sorry, I sent more than one thing I love about him haha... He's just a lovable kid!”

Amanda Pinkston -“I love his winning smile and kind eyes.”

Andrea Whidden –“ I love his smile!!”

Kimberly James -“I love his great example!”

Terry Parham- “I haven't had the pleasure of meeting him but I would have to say his Mother.”

Stephanie Floyd - “I love that he knows how to bring the Spirit as a missionary... but he does it without having to act differently than he normally does. It’s who he IS! He's real. He's kind. He's happy... and he makes everyone around him happy too!”

Sister Cheyenne Wright-“I love that Elder Jorgensen is always so happy, funny and positive. He is a very much needed tool in the Lord’s hands at this time.”

Stacy Schmalz– “We love his go get ‘em attitude! There has never been anything to stand in Cody's way when he has wanted to do something, and what ever that is, he does his best. He is a great example for us Schmalz's.”

Georgia Omer - “I adore his "Bring it on!" look at life. No matter what is thrown his direction, he wrestles it head on, comes out on top, and moves on with a smile!”

Shasta Knight - “I love his confidence to be himself no matter what. And his awesome sense of humor.”

Jonathan Leavitt – “I love Everything. Period.

Jennifer Davis –“ I can't think of anything that I do not love about Cody. He is confident. He is willing to attempt anything. He gives everything his all. He is gentle. He is kind. He is funny. He is loving. He is grateful. He has an amazing testimony and personality. Love being around that boy. You can't help but be happier when you are with him!”

Tyree Geertsen- “I loved seeing his spunky personality at some Dance Co. Concert. I think He was wearing a wedding dress. He personality shines!”

Kristin Stewart Malm – “Cody always has a big smile on his face:) He is happy and friendly!!”

Dani Madsen - “I love his Mamma!”

Megan Joaquin “I love that Elder Jorgensen is so dedicated to humoring other people. I have never known anyone so determined to make jokes out of everything. And he's successful with it, as well."

Brandon Taylor – “I love the example he is setting for other young men in the ward by serving faithfully!”

Aunt Francine – “I love to read about his experiences on his mission. I've never seen anyone with so much enthusiasm and such a cheerful attitude. Those people are so-o-o-o lucky to have him there.”

Aunt Connie – “Cody is so kind and loving. He has no problem letting me know, whenever were together, how much he loves me. He’s gentle and honest and I do love my Nephew Cody.”

Brandi Rafiner– “I love that without a doubt he can ALWAYS make me laugh. I always have a smile on my face around that silly boy.”

Kemarie Jorgensen –“ I love how he is never afraid to be himself.”

Kelly Halvorsen – “I had so much fun at Youth Conference (2 summers ago) with Cody. He was hilarious and so fun! He just has such a happy disposition that is so contagious. You raised a good boy!”

Vixy Stewart –“I love the way he always was interested in how my life was going and how no matter how long it had been since we had talked, he treated me like a best friend.”

Joann Bonney –“I love the way he can rock a bow tie.”

Jody Richards - “I love that he makes you (mom) so proud!”

Katharina Watson – “I love what a great example he is being to his siblings!”

Jennifer Romney – “I love how respectful and sweet he is in his relationship with his sister. I hope so much that J.R. will be the same way with his!”

Marie Stewart-Bullough-“I love his enthusiasm. The Lord is so fortunate to have him serving Him.”

Winnie McDaniel– “I love that he is such a hard worker! If he wants something, he goes after it without hesitation!”

Don Jr.- “I love wrestling with Cody.  He enjoys being physical as much as I do and I love that.”

Rhett Jorgensen–“He is so cuddly.”

Ty Jorgensen- “Cody is so sweet to me even though I am way younger than he is and I love that.”

Ryan Jorgensen – “Cody is gentle.  I love that!”

Cassidy Carpenter- “I love how Cody loves to hug me.”

Luke Jorgensen– “I love how he has so many games.”

Aunt Elizabeth – “Cody is wise beyond his years and I really love that he treats me with respect like an aunt but is playful with me like a friend.  It’s the perfect combination.”

Kylie  - “I love how Cody always makes me smile and how he is always there for me.  He never once doubted me and I love that.”

Cayden – “I love how Cody is always so thoughtful and funny and is always there for me.”

Dad – “I love the example that Cody is to me.  I love the way I feel when people address me as Cody’s Dad.  I love playing Bubble Bobble and Bomberman with Cody!!”

Oaklie R. Wayman – “I love in seminary when he would take my scriptures and shade in his favorite verses.  I still find ‘Cody Markings’ all the time!"

Halvo - "I looked up to him in his ability to be a friend to everyone he would meet, he would always be a peace maker and would always include everyone.”

Aunt Ginger- “We love Cody! What a great example…the first missionary of all the Jorgensen grandchildren. He will forever hold that honor and that title. I love him for his obedience. I love him for his tender heart. I love him for the sparkle of kindness and love in his blue, BLUE eyes! I love the way he loves his kitty! I love his dedication and determination to go after things, even when they are hard, like wrestling and snow camping and missionary work. I love his tenderness and kindness to me and my children. I love his playfulness and his silly sense of humor. I love his warrior heart…he is a true Son of Helaman!”

Mom – “There are so many things that I love about Elder Jorgensen.  The # 1 thing I love is that because of him, I became a mom.  He radiates everything good in my life.  He is a breath of fresh air and puts the bounce in my step.  I am forever AMAZED at what that boy can accomplish when he sets his mind to something.  Wrestling, drama, grades, scholarships, mission…I seriously can not wait to see what the future holds.  I love that he loves his little sister so much.  I love that he is her protector and friend.  I love that he honors his priesthood.  I love that he can recognize his flaws and has a desire to fix them.  He is my EVERYTHING and I am HONORED to be his mama.”

G-ma & G-dad -“We loved Cody the infant.  He was so warm and loving.  Being literal in my interpretation of language, I (Granddad) bantered with him as a young child.  Cody, “I’m hungry”, Granddad, “that’s a strange name, I though you were named Cody!”…and on and on.  He was always
willing to interact and I loved the exchanges.  
As he grew into a teenager, we were proud of his courage, determination and accomplishments.  We remember when he tried out for football.  Being the smallest on the team did not intimidate him at all.  He gave just as good as he got! High school arrived and so did wrestling.  When we became aware of the serious injuries that had been incurred by wrestlers on other teams, we were apprehensive.  We anxiously awaited the reports that he was healthy, and that he usually he either won by wrestling or by default, having nobody in his weight class.  We loved going to Las Vegas and spending the day at the wrestling tournament.  We remember learning for the first time that he had an ongoing problem with upchucking during the match.  While he did upchuck in a match, he did a spectacular job of wrestling in the tournament, finishing near the top in his weight class.  Wrestling was only one of his talents.
We love Cody for his performances in theater and dance. We were confident that Cody would bring to the mission all of the intensity, motivation, capabilities he had demonstrated thus far in life’s endeavors. He has added to that a sincere desire to be a superhero in doing the Lord’s work.  And that is exactly what is happening.  He is the superhero doing the Lord’s work.  We are as proud as we can be to call you our Grandson!!

 Rebecca Anderson- “I LOVE that you serve with all your heart, might, mind, and strength. Thank you for your example! Happy Valentines Day! Elder Gavin Anderson's Family!”

Kari Martin- “Cody makes me laugh each and every week!  I also love how much he is loving his mission and learning so much!"

Courtney Colbert- "I like his sarcasm, his smile and his passion for the things he loves."

Uncle Mike - “I love the way he looks in Chantel’s sexy leather pants.”  :) 

If you didn't get to share what YOU love about Elder Jorgensen, you can still leave a comment.  :) 
 Happy Heart Day!

Monday, February 10, 2014

February 10, 2014 ~ Week 29

Hey Everyone...
So, I figure I should get the least important things out of the way first... So it is REALLY easy to lose weight when you are fat I've found. When I was wrestling and cutting weight, 2 or 3 pounds required so much work, and pain, and anguish. But that was also when I was the leanest thing to ever exist! I swear I had like 1% body fat at the time! Well anyways, this is all building up to the petty announcement that I have officially lost 5 pounds this week! The best part is all I had to do is eat healthier. So weird. Who would have thought it? Anyways, that really isn't important, and the only reason I include it in my email is so that it is longer, and maybe I've caught your attention so you all might read the rest of my email! So HA!!!
{Oh have the metabolism of a young stripling warrior.~Mom}

 Anyways, this week has, just like every other week, been an emotional and spiritual roller coaster ride! I will not go over some of the lows, because they are boring, and really don't matter. Some of the high points, however, have been simply AMAZING! The greatest miracle of the week had to be Jose though. So one thing you must first understand about Reading is that there are very few houses that are actually houses. Most rowhomes are split into apartments. Which is sad because a row home is already teeny tiny to begin with, but I digress. We were trying to contact a referral named Jarred.   We went to the address I had written down for him and the outermost door was locked, so we couldn't go inside to knock on the door. On the mailboxes there were last names, but no first names, so we guessed, and just rang a doorbell at random. This guy came out, who was suuuuper confused and had no clue who Jared was, but agreed to let us in for 15 minutes to share a message with him. His name was Jose. He had a car, job, and regularly attended church (Super, super rare for Reading...everyone is unemployed here it seems.) We taught him the Restoration and the Spirit was so strong, when asked how he thinks he can know that what we taught him was true, he said, "I just know." The point we were trying to make was that we had the Book of Mormon, but his answer worked too I guess!  When we asked him how he felt, he said, "I feel different. It's nice." So exciting. We invited him to be baptized, and he said "yes!" Then we had the Spanish elders go see him because he speaks Spanish better than English! Hooray! So they have seen and taught him every day this week and he is getting baptized in a couple weeks. He's so awesome

Another cool miracle story is when we were up at the Robinson's house for dinner one day, and we asked them if they had anyone we could go tract into.  They told us this story about how they had helped this lady dig her car out of the ice.  They refused to let her pay them and they told her that instead of paying them, when the guys in suits and ties came and knocked on her door she had to listen to them.  So we went and knocked on the door! We talked to her, and she asked us if we had had any members of our church in the area... :D :D :D :D :D When we told her the Robinsons, her face LIT UP. She told us all about how awesome they were and how they had helped her out so much, and how they had really touched her heart in a way that she said she hadn't felt in a long time! So we set up a return appointment for the sisters because it wasn't our area, and went on! It was so awesome and incredible! That same night we went on to find yet another investigator for the sisters, who had been struggling, so that was super awesome! It was so cool to see how much our efforts not only blessed the lives of the people we talk to, but even the other missionaries! We found 3 super solid new people for other missionaries, and it felt so good to see how excited they were. I know that this church is true, and I know that by being here, even though I'm only me, I'm able to change the lives of so many people. Thank you for supporting me, and all round just being awesome! Love ya!

~Elder Jorgensen

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Happy 200th Day

Happy 200th Day Elder Jorgensen! The second hundred went faster than the first. Here's to hoping the next 530 go even faster. Love you sweet boy!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Tender Mercies

 The life of a missionary mom is emotional and often full of tears.   I know he is on the Lord's errand but's rough.  Today was one of those days.  I am ALWAYS in awe when I experience tender mercies from a VERY loving and AWARE Heavenly Father.  Today's tender mercy came via an email from a sweet, sweet member in Elder J's area.

"Dear Brother and Sister Jorgensen,
My family had the opportunity to have your son and his companion over for dinner tonight. I want you to know what a fine young man you have raised. You have reason to be proud! We have 2 sons currently out on missions- 1 just left this past week- and I hope our boys can be as dedicated and faithful to The Lord as your son and his companion are.  My daughters thoroughly enjoyed playing with him. And he was quite patient! Thank you for supporting him in his service!"

I KNOW that my Redeemer lives.  I know my prayers are heard and answered.  I love my missionary and I am so very grateful for tender mercies.

"But Behold, I Nephi, will show unto you that the tender mercies of the Lord are over all those whom he hath chosen, because of their faith, to make them mighty even unto the power of deliverance." 1 Nephi 1:20

Monday, February 3, 2014

February 3, 2014 ~ Week 28

Well, everyone....
First off I am fat. I'm not kidding this time either. I finally started to really put on weight. Such is the fate of a missionary in a car area. Seriously though! I weigh 30 pounds more than I did at this time last year... It's a bit ridiculous actually! It's a really good thing I was ridiculously skinny before, otherwise I would be in some serious trouble! 

Anyways, this past week has been pretty awesome! We have 2 main people that are progressing with a date. They will get baptized in the next couple of weeks! There's Steve, who's the grandson of a member, who is awesome! He's pretty much prepared to get baptized now. Then there is Stacy, who was baptized a year ago, but never was confirmed. She is super ready for this and she has told us over and over again that she needs this in her life. So awesome! 

Me and Elder Eldredge get along great!  We pretty much rock. Today it is snowing a ridiculous amount... Well not really, it's only snowed like 6 inches, but the east coast is silly so everything is shut down, and we are actually stranded at the church right now because we are not allowed to drive! Hooray! So, luckily we have some provisions... we have 4 packs of peanut butter crackers and a container of hot chocolate the sisters gave to us... We'll be fine! ;) We were supposed to spend the day cleaning our apartment though, it's kind of a mess, only because we never have time to clean, we're always busy! I'm kind of just talking right now, but whatever!  

{Silly Boys!}
{In my email, Elder J said that they were eventually able to go to a gas station for lunch.  Some place called WaWa.  NO idea how long they were stranded though.}

I'm so super exhausted, but so happy. This really is the best work on Earth, and to be honest, if I wasn't doing it, I'm not sure where I'd be. I'm so grateful for the lessons I'm learning and for the people I get to know. So one thing I just reminded myself of, so there's this kid, Josh, who is leaving on his mission to Ghana on Wednesday.  We've been taking him out all week with us, and he is so awesome! It's so helpful to have him at lessons and he is learning so much! So ALL of you, young or old, male or female, call the missionaries and ask when you can go out with them! 

Anyways, Love you all a bunch, you da best! 
~Elder Jorgensen

Random Pictures From Elder Jorgensen...Sure LOVE that boy.