Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day to my FAVORITE Missionary!

Allie Baguley - “What I love about Cody is his wonderful laugh and great energy when he's in a good mood. Also his singing…. I love it and miss it soo much.”

Isaiah Mejia -“I loved that right before a match he would always start singing out loud. It was great!”

Rebecca Campbell-“I love his smile!”

Tina Fairbourn -“I love his positive attitude.”

Maddie Brown –“I love the funny letters that Elder Cody Jorgensen sends!”

Pa–“My Elder Cody is so high in speaking about the gospel and has a good knowledge about it.”

Laura Jackson- “I love that he is a dancer and an athlete. Inspirational to me!”

Kari-“I love that anytime I’ve ever been over you'd never know if he was in a bad mood - not sure if he ever had grumpy teenage boy moments without company, but when I was over he always had a smile on his face having a good time with everyone. Love you Cody!”

Amanda and Jace –“I love Cody's warm personality and smile! I also love the times he'd send me random hilarious/creepy texts hahaha. He is just a fun and loyal friend! Jace and I send our love!!  Oops sorry, I sent more than one thing I love about him haha... He's just a lovable kid!”

Amanda Pinkston -“I love his winning smile and kind eyes.”

Andrea Whidden –“ I love his smile!!”

Kimberly James -“I love his great example!”

Terry Parham- “I haven't had the pleasure of meeting him but I would have to say his Mother.”

Stephanie Floyd - “I love that he knows how to bring the Spirit as a missionary... but he does it without having to act differently than he normally does. It’s who he IS! He's real. He's kind. He's happy... and he makes everyone around him happy too!”

Sister Cheyenne Wright-“I love that Elder Jorgensen is always so happy, funny and positive. He is a very much needed tool in the Lord’s hands at this time.”

Stacy Schmalz– “We love his go get ‘em attitude! There has never been anything to stand in Cody's way when he has wanted to do something, and what ever that is, he does his best. He is a great example for us Schmalz's.”

Georgia Omer - “I adore his "Bring it on!" look at life. No matter what is thrown his direction, he wrestles it head on, comes out on top, and moves on with a smile!”

Shasta Knight - “I love his confidence to be himself no matter what. And his awesome sense of humor.”

Jonathan Leavitt – “I love Everything. Period.

Jennifer Davis –“ I can't think of anything that I do not love about Cody. He is confident. He is willing to attempt anything. He gives everything his all. He is gentle. He is kind. He is funny. He is loving. He is grateful. He has an amazing testimony and personality. Love being around that boy. You can't help but be happier when you are with him!”

Tyree Geertsen- “I loved seeing his spunky personality at some Dance Co. Concert. I think He was wearing a wedding dress. He personality shines!”

Kristin Stewart Malm – “Cody always has a big smile on his face:) He is happy and friendly!!”

Dani Madsen - “I love his Mamma!”

Megan Joaquin “I love that Elder Jorgensen is so dedicated to humoring other people. I have never known anyone so determined to make jokes out of everything. And he's successful with it, as well."

Brandon Taylor – “I love the example he is setting for other young men in the ward by serving faithfully!”

Aunt Francine – “I love to read about his experiences on his mission. I've never seen anyone with so much enthusiasm and such a cheerful attitude. Those people are so-o-o-o lucky to have him there.”

Aunt Connie – “Cody is so kind and loving. He has no problem letting me know, whenever were together, how much he loves me. He’s gentle and honest and I do love my Nephew Cody.”

Brandi Rafiner– “I love that without a doubt he can ALWAYS make me laugh. I always have a smile on my face around that silly boy.”

Kemarie Jorgensen –“ I love how he is never afraid to be himself.”

Kelly Halvorsen – “I had so much fun at Youth Conference (2 summers ago) with Cody. He was hilarious and so fun! He just has such a happy disposition that is so contagious. You raised a good boy!”

Vixy Stewart –“I love the way he always was interested in how my life was going and how no matter how long it had been since we had talked, he treated me like a best friend.”

Joann Bonney –“I love the way he can rock a bow tie.”

Jody Richards - “I love that he makes you (mom) so proud!”

Katharina Watson – “I love what a great example he is being to his siblings!”

Jennifer Romney – “I love how respectful and sweet he is in his relationship with his sister. I hope so much that J.R. will be the same way with his!”

Marie Stewart-Bullough-“I love his enthusiasm. The Lord is so fortunate to have him serving Him.”

Winnie McDaniel– “I love that he is such a hard worker! If he wants something, he goes after it without hesitation!”

Don Jr.- “I love wrestling with Cody.  He enjoys being physical as much as I do and I love that.”

Rhett Jorgensen–“He is so cuddly.”

Ty Jorgensen- “Cody is so sweet to me even though I am way younger than he is and I love that.”

Ryan Jorgensen – “Cody is gentle.  I love that!”

Cassidy Carpenter- “I love how Cody loves to hug me.”

Luke Jorgensen– “I love how he has so many games.”

Aunt Elizabeth – “Cody is wise beyond his years and I really love that he treats me with respect like an aunt but is playful with me like a friend.  It’s the perfect combination.”

Kylie  - “I love how Cody always makes me smile and how he is always there for me.  He never once doubted me and I love that.”

Cayden – “I love how Cody is always so thoughtful and funny and is always there for me.”

Dad – “I love the example that Cody is to me.  I love the way I feel when people address me as Cody’s Dad.  I love playing Bubble Bobble and Bomberman with Cody!!”

Oaklie R. Wayman – “I love in seminary when he would take my scriptures and shade in his favorite verses.  I still find ‘Cody Markings’ all the time!"

Halvo - "I looked up to him in his ability to be a friend to everyone he would meet, he would always be a peace maker and would always include everyone.”

Aunt Ginger- “We love Cody! What a great example…the first missionary of all the Jorgensen grandchildren. He will forever hold that honor and that title. I love him for his obedience. I love him for his tender heart. I love him for the sparkle of kindness and love in his blue, BLUE eyes! I love the way he loves his kitty! I love his dedication and determination to go after things, even when they are hard, like wrestling and snow camping and missionary work. I love his tenderness and kindness to me and my children. I love his playfulness and his silly sense of humor. I love his warrior heart…he is a true Son of Helaman!”

Mom – “There are so many things that I love about Elder Jorgensen.  The # 1 thing I love is that because of him, I became a mom.  He radiates everything good in my life.  He is a breath of fresh air and puts the bounce in my step.  I am forever AMAZED at what that boy can accomplish when he sets his mind to something.  Wrestling, drama, grades, scholarships, mission…I seriously can not wait to see what the future holds.  I love that he loves his little sister so much.  I love that he is her protector and friend.  I love that he honors his priesthood.  I love that he can recognize his flaws and has a desire to fix them.  He is my EVERYTHING and I am HONORED to be his mama.”

G-ma & G-dad -“We loved Cody the infant.  He was so warm and loving.  Being literal in my interpretation of language, I (Granddad) bantered with him as a young child.  Cody, “I’m hungry”, Granddad, “that’s a strange name, I though you were named Cody!”…and on and on.  He was always
willing to interact and I loved the exchanges.  
As he grew into a teenager, we were proud of his courage, determination and accomplishments.  We remember when he tried out for football.  Being the smallest on the team did not intimidate him at all.  He gave just as good as he got! High school arrived and so did wrestling.  When we became aware of the serious injuries that had been incurred by wrestlers on other teams, we were apprehensive.  We anxiously awaited the reports that he was healthy, and that he usually he either won by wrestling or by default, having nobody in his weight class.  We loved going to Las Vegas and spending the day at the wrestling tournament.  We remember learning for the first time that he had an ongoing problem with upchucking during the match.  While he did upchuck in a match, he did a spectacular job of wrestling in the tournament, finishing near the top in his weight class.  Wrestling was only one of his talents.
We love Cody for his performances in theater and dance. We were confident that Cody would bring to the mission all of the intensity, motivation, capabilities he had demonstrated thus far in life’s endeavors. He has added to that a sincere desire to be a superhero in doing the Lord’s work.  And that is exactly what is happening.  He is the superhero doing the Lord’s work.  We are as proud as we can be to call you our Grandson!!

 Rebecca Anderson- “I LOVE that you serve with all your heart, might, mind, and strength. Thank you for your example! Happy Valentines Day! Elder Gavin Anderson's Family!”

Kari Martin- “Cody makes me laugh each and every week!  I also love how much he is loving his mission and learning so much!"

Courtney Colbert- "I like his sarcasm, his smile and his passion for the things he loves."

Uncle Mike - “I love the way he looks in Chantel’s sexy leather pants.”  :) 

If you didn't get to share what YOU love about Elder Jorgensen, you can still leave a comment.  :) 
 Happy Heart Day!

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