Monday, February 10, 2014

February 10, 2014 ~ Week 29

Hey Everyone...
So, I figure I should get the least important things out of the way first... So it is REALLY easy to lose weight when you are fat I've found. When I was wrestling and cutting weight, 2 or 3 pounds required so much work, and pain, and anguish. But that was also when I was the leanest thing to ever exist! I swear I had like 1% body fat at the time! Well anyways, this is all building up to the petty announcement that I have officially lost 5 pounds this week! The best part is all I had to do is eat healthier. So weird. Who would have thought it? Anyways, that really isn't important, and the only reason I include it in my email is so that it is longer, and maybe I've caught your attention so you all might read the rest of my email! So HA!!!
{Oh have the metabolism of a young stripling warrior.~Mom}

 Anyways, this week has, just like every other week, been an emotional and spiritual roller coaster ride! I will not go over some of the lows, because they are boring, and really don't matter. Some of the high points, however, have been simply AMAZING! The greatest miracle of the week had to be Jose though. So one thing you must first understand about Reading is that there are very few houses that are actually houses. Most rowhomes are split into apartments. Which is sad because a row home is already teeny tiny to begin with, but I digress. We were trying to contact a referral named Jarred.   We went to the address I had written down for him and the outermost door was locked, so we couldn't go inside to knock on the door. On the mailboxes there were last names, but no first names, so we guessed, and just rang a doorbell at random. This guy came out, who was suuuuper confused and had no clue who Jared was, but agreed to let us in for 15 minutes to share a message with him. His name was Jose. He had a car, job, and regularly attended church (Super, super rare for Reading...everyone is unemployed here it seems.) We taught him the Restoration and the Spirit was so strong, when asked how he thinks he can know that what we taught him was true, he said, "I just know." The point we were trying to make was that we had the Book of Mormon, but his answer worked too I guess!  When we asked him how he felt, he said, "I feel different. It's nice." So exciting. We invited him to be baptized, and he said "yes!" Then we had the Spanish elders go see him because he speaks Spanish better than English! Hooray! So they have seen and taught him every day this week and he is getting baptized in a couple weeks. He's so awesome

Another cool miracle story is when we were up at the Robinson's house for dinner one day, and we asked them if they had anyone we could go tract into.  They told us this story about how they had helped this lady dig her car out of the ice.  They refused to let her pay them and they told her that instead of paying them, when the guys in suits and ties came and knocked on her door she had to listen to them.  So we went and knocked on the door! We talked to her, and she asked us if we had had any members of our church in the area... :D :D :D :D :D When we told her the Robinsons, her face LIT UP. She told us all about how awesome they were and how they had helped her out so much, and how they had really touched her heart in a way that she said she hadn't felt in a long time! So we set up a return appointment for the sisters because it wasn't our area, and went on! It was so awesome and incredible! That same night we went on to find yet another investigator for the sisters, who had been struggling, so that was super awesome! It was so cool to see how much our efforts not only blessed the lives of the people we talk to, but even the other missionaries! We found 3 super solid new people for other missionaries, and it felt so good to see how excited they were. I know that this church is true, and I know that by being here, even though I'm only me, I'm able to change the lives of so many people. Thank you for supporting me, and all round just being awesome! Love ya!

~Elder Jorgensen

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