Monday, February 24, 2014

Big Brother Advice...Always a Teaching Moment

{Note from mom....this is the SWEETEST letter I have ever read.  I had to include it because it completely demonstrates the passion and wisdom our sweet missionary has for what he is doing....always a teaching moment.  I've said it before, and I'll say it again....getting your kid involved in wrestling is one of THE single greatest things you can do for your boy.  Wrestlers make INCREDIBLE missionaries!  Just sayin'}

CAYDEN!!! So I hear you are going to be a big hotshot Greco wrestler now. Are you loving it? Freestyle and Greco are honestly my very favorite. It is so relaxed and the whole focus is to help you get BETTER. During the High School season, the whole purpose seems to be JUST to win. But now you are PREPARING to win. 

Compare it to the Plan of Salvation.  You are born into this life, and this life is the time to PREPARE. But not only to prepare to meet God, but the time to face many trials and the time to make mistakes, and to repent. When you go to those freestyle practices and tournaments, it's ok to make mistakes.  It's ok to learn. It's like going to church. It is that place that is very safe and that you will be able to learn so much to prepare you for going out into the world. Now when you go out into the world (Or wrestle in High School), your decisions are going to be much more important, because the consequences are far more drastic. You will have times when you are faced with much adversity, and you will struggle to do what is right. But if you have put in the time to prepare, and stand strong, when you come to stand before God at the Judgement (State tournament), You WILL be able to receive a place in the Celestial kingdom of God (1st place). But if you don't prepare, you will receive a lesser kingdom. DO NOT settle for a lesser kingdom. Put in the effort and the passion it requires to be successful. I hope this sort of made sense.

 I love you Cayden!
~Elder Jorgensen

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