Monday, February 24, 2014

February 24, 2014 ~ Week 31

{Note from mom....can't believe today is 7 months in the field.  CrAzY!}

Why hello there! 
Many of you reading this email are aware that I am currently in the city of Reading! Now one thing that is very very stressed to all missionaries, whether it be from other missionaries, members, family, friends, whatever- is that when you are sent to an area, you are sent there for a very specific, perfect reason, that is divine, and truly the will of God. Well, I will definitely agree to that-To an extent. I wholeheartedly believe that wherever you serve, there are an infinite amount of perfect reasons for you to be there. God's plan for me being here is all encompassing. There aren't one or two reasons that I'm here, and then once those have happened, I can leave. Now, I do notice some specific lessons I'm learning here that I couldn't learn anywhere else, and some I miss. But I tell you all this so that I may speak of one specific reason I am in Reading. I am here to learn what NOT to do. Honestly! Some people in Reading make me so frustrated! They have no sense of commitment, common courtesy, or care for those around them. They are in desperate need of the Gospel. Everything they do is haphazardly done and they rarely finish anything they start. Time or commitment truly means nothing to them.  It doesn't matter if something's nice, just as long as it works. Now by the way things are looking, it looks like I hate Reading. I do not. It has just become VERY clear to me how easily the adversary corrupts the minds and hearts of those who do not know the good shepherd. These people need direction.  They need to learn how to work, and care about others, and to learn to desire that which is good in life. THAT is why I am here. To help these people not just live happy lives, but to help them prepare to enter into the kingdom of God. I understand now, much more completely HOW the Gospel has blessed my life and how it will yet to bless the lives of those I see. It truly is such a blessing to be able to find those that are truly being prepared to receive the Gospel.

 I know that this church is true. It helps people live a better life and I know that the covenants and promises we make when we are baptized, not only allow us to enter the gate which leads to the Kingdom of God, but they also prepare us to live in that kingdom. So yeah! There is my little frustrated, loving, passionate schpeal on Reading.... 

As a bonus...Here is an excerpt from my journal the other day!

Feb 22, 2014
"Today was crazy! This morning we went running, at my request. It felt so good! I realized I am super out of shape though. It was seriously the nicest day though. We headed over to help a member move. Now I need to record this just for the sake of remembering it. The old house was the second floor of an apartment building.  It had a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. 6 people all lived there. Crazy stuff. It was small and
cramped.  There were cockroaches everywhere, and it just wasn't that happy of a place. E's new home is so much nicer. It's still a row home, and we did a TON of work on it, but it is so nice. It feels like a members home, and she isn't even close to being unpacked and organized. But we showed up this morning at E's old house and
moved everything. It was super half the ward was there. She didn't even get a moving
van...people from the ward just took it in their cars and trucks. It was fast work. It felt so good to be doing stuff too. It kind of reminded me a lot of doing yard work and stuff in the spring.  Like the first nice day of the year, when it's still cold, but you wear a short sleeve shirt anyways just cause ya can. So awesome. I felt so good. We ended up spending almost all day there, helping however we could. For part of the time we were there, we were with Brother D picking up furniture from some DI knockoff store. It was funny because it was just like DI too.  It was even run by a church, but everyone working there were smoking and stuff. That was fun stuff. 

We then went to a baptism the Pottsville elders had. That was fun...a woman and her two kids. They were supah nice.  Then we went back to E's house and did more stuff. She gave us money to go eat but then Sis K brought food, so it all worked out. Then there was a point when E and her friend  we're talking about the shows that they've bounced for. They were naming off these bands, and I became very aware of how "white" I am. I'm totes fine with my whiteness though. It's just funny. I love it! Oh! Then came the point in the day when we went with Bro R to pick up a fridge, and we ended up driving all the way to Lancaster, which BTW is OUT OF THE MISSION. So bad!!!! but we had a miracle story come out of it when we found this awesome guy that loves the missionaries.  He totally wanted missionaries to come back.  So stinking cool. Pretty much pooped though. Did a lot of work today! Stinking tired. Goodnight!"

Love to you all,
Elder Jorgensen

 {I am still waiting for Christmas Pictures...sheesh!}

Steve and Bro. Yoder (Grandpa)
Gift that Steve gave us on his baptism day...engraved pocket watches with his baptism date.
"Brothers For Eternity  2-15-2014"

Random Garbage Can in Reading

Row Homes in Reading

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