Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2, 2013 ~ Week 19

Hello hello hello! 
Everyone! I have important news to announce! So remember how I'm fat now? I weighed myself the other day for the first time since coming out... and..... I weigh the exact same weight as I did when I came out. Funny right? I totally figured I weighed like 160 lbs. But I do not. So do not worry about me coming home and being all obese and disgusting and eww.... It is not happening! I promise! Since we are on the subject of obesity, however, I do have some announcements to make....

This past Thursday, was a funny day. Apparently it was a day where the mission president doesn't want us to go out proselyting. Strange right? What's even stranger is that early in the morning Elder Pitt and Brown showed up at our apartment and told us that we were going to go play football.... Now you could imagine my confusion. It wasn't P-Day... It was cold outside... Exercise is for fat people.....Nothing was making sense, but I decided to just roll with it. We jogged up West Chester Pike to a park up in Mormonville. Now you could understand my amazement as the entire Elders quorum was there to greet us! Now I was puzzled. I sat there, thought about it, and could not come up to a logical conclusion, so as I do whenever I can't come up with a logical conclusion, I made my own! You see, as I was sleeping Wednesday night, I must have rolled over funny and pinched a nerve in my brain that caused my whole entire understanding of the world to be changed. I also came to the conclusion that I must have just slept for several days. It was really Sunday you see! We were at church in Elders quorum! We weren't at a park. Football was just an analogy or something like that. Who knows? But I decided to just go with it, and hopefully sooner or later my reasoning would return to the way it should be. We played football for a while, then we had chocolate milk and Krispy Kreme doughnuts. A pleasant enough surprise for an Elders quorum lesson. Following our football game (For some reason everyone was calling it a turkey bowl) we headed back to our apartment to shower and change. 

We then headed to church to do some online proselyting! We got a call from Chrislin. He asked us what we were doing and told us to come to his house, and his mother would feed us. So off we went! I'll tell you this, they are from Haiti... They stuffed us. Haitian Turkey, and rice, and mac N' Cheese, purple potato salad, the works! Not your typical meal... But It was delicious! So fun! 

Then we went over to the Colts house as we usually do on Thursday nights. We walked in, and it was just warm and happy. They were all dressed up for some reason, and the table had a nice table cloth over it. There was tons of food sitting in the corner, and them being the Mexicans they are, wouldn't let us stop eating. But it was alright! There was something special about it, all their family was there as well. The room really was full of so much love. That was the part of the day where I started to realize, maybe this day wasn't just another day. It was a day for love, and family, and warmth, and full bellies. I liked this day. I wish it could have happened more often. We left the Colt's home after singing hymn 219 with them. So much happy!!!

 Then we went over to see Donko and his family! (The family from Lao) As we were walking (I was bringing a bowl of blue jello to contribute) we ran into Donko! We found out his nephew was in the hospital and all his family was there with him. So we walked Donko to the hospital. (About a 40 minute walk... wasn't bad.) Donko wasn't in the best mind set, and he made it seem like L-smith (The nephew) was dying. He said that he was in a coma and all sorts of bad things. We kept Donko calm though, and we taught him a bit. We got to the hospital, and it was just food poisoning. But seeing their family, gathered around L-Smith, was touching. They were so grateful that he was alright... that nothing was wrong. There was so much love in that room. It made me think about the past day, and what was important. The love I felt throughout the day, from the Elders quorum playing football, to Donko being worried about his nephew, was all centered around FAMILY. 

There is no greater love and happiness that can exist on this earth than that which can be found in families. Whether it be your church family, your quorum family, your extended family, your immediate family, or just you and your cat, family is the most important and sacred gift our Heavenly Father has given to us. I'm so grateful I get to spend the rest of eternity with the family I have, and the family I will one day have. So in honor of this amazing day I had, and the love that was felt therein, I, Elder Jorgensen, hereby declare that the 4th Thursday of every November be named FamilyLoveFoodDay. A day where we give thanks for the love that we have in our families, and eat lots of food. Now I'm pretty sure my brain got fixed after that night, so that's all good. Felicity and Cynthia are doing alright. They are taking it step by step, but I have the utmost faith that they will gain that testimony. I can see it happening. Slowly but surely. I'm so grateful. I love all of you! 'Til next week!

-Elder Jorgensen.

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  1. This boy cracks me up and lifts me up...all at the same time! Love me some Elder Jorgensen!!!