Monday, December 16, 2013

December 16, 2013 ~ Week 21

Hello Everyone,
So I'm in my new area.  I am now serving in the Scranton Ward. But, in this ward they decided to break the ward off into a bunch of different 'twigs' because the ward is so spread out. So there are 6 different 'twigs' and each one has a different set of missionaries. I'm serving in the Taylor 'twig' which consists of 3 cities: Taylor, Moosic, and Old Forge. We live on the top floor of a members home. It's pretty nice....the house is more than 100 years old. This place feels like we're in the middle of nowhere. Like honestly it feels like a small town in Utah. Imagine like Nephi or Beaver. 

We only had 2 lessons this week.  THAT is where this area is as far as gators but we will leave it better than when I got here. We are teaching a part member family so that's nice.  We don't have a car, so we have to get rides if we need to go pretty much anywhere. We went to church yesterday, and there were only about 25ish people there. We have church in the group leaders archery shop. It was weird and he (Brother Jones) had me talk for like 10 minutes to fill the time. It is really weird here. There's really not much to do here besides just tracting so that is weird. I never went tracting in my last area so it's a new experience. All in all, that is all that's going on with me! We didn't get much done this week.   I love you all.

~Elder Jorgensen

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