Monday, December 30, 2013

December 30, 2013 ~ Week 23

Hello everyone!
So as you know, this week was Christmas! As a result we didn't really get much of anything done...It was sad. No one was ever home, or wanted us to come over. We went to a member in our ward, but not in our area's Christmas Eve party... it was a polish Catholic Christmas eve party. That means they didn't have any meat, besides fish. So we had tuna spaghetti, creamed cod, and those potato ravioli things that I don't remember what they are called. But it was weird to say the least. It was also weird because our whole group was there... because everyone is related. So it was basically just like church. I did get to sit on Santa's lap, and I even got a present from him! It was a little cosmetic bag with a bunch of skin care items. (Sorry the picture is blurry.)

It was so awesome and loving of the family that invited us because we had no plans and they invited us over last second.  That was super awesome of them. I felt very loved. Then we went home and went to bed! On Christmas, I woke up and made pancakes for me and Turpin. Then Elders Reese, Hanshew, Fawcett, and Winegardner came over and we opened presents. I definitely felt the most love! :P Thanks for all the love that came my way! I'll be writing all you that sent me presents a letter later today, and if I happen to miss you, it's because I was dumb and didn't write down all the addresses from everyone before I threw away the boxes so I will have to get some addresses from my mom and write you next week! But after that we played games, then I called home, which was awesome. Then I had a nap, then had Spaghetti for dinner! Yay! Then me and Elder Turpin just played games for the rest of the night. It was a good Christmas.

 I bought a pair of Basketball shoes with some of the money that people sent me for my Birthday and can I just say that that is so out of character for me. I don't know if any of you remember, but I HATED basketball before... I still do a little bit. But I'm decent at it, and we play a lot. So I figured I would not break my ankles and buy a decent pair of shoes. So that's fun and stuff!

Not much else happened this week. We had a short lesson with Jason and Dennise on Thursday. We taught them the Gospel, and they would be so good, if they would just go to church! Dang. Oh well. We'll keep at 'em. Anyways, Love you all! Merry Christmas!

-Elder Jorgensen

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