Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1, 2014 ~ Week 71

Guess what everyone?

I can listen to Christmas music, and put up the Christmas tree, and drink eggnog, and have sugar plums dance through my dreams! :)

That one holiday that we had last week where people just fed me a lot is over and now nothing can restrict me from being cheey, and excited because Santa's on his way! So pull out your fruit cake and open up to Luke 2, because now is the time that is set apart from the year where we remember Jesus Christ's birth. 

But I suppose I'm getting ahead of myself, although I really am excited for Christmas, my mom wants to hear about Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving was super awesome. Although I'll be completely honest, it didn't really feel like Thanksgiving. In the morning we went and played football with a few members of the ward. Including us, there were 5 people in total. It was fun, but the grown ups got tired really fast. :P Then we went to the church. There was a big thanksgiving lunch type deal there. We stayed for a little bit and participated in a hand turkey decorating contest (Lots of fun, picture of my turkey should make it next week) Afterwards we went to a member family for our second Thanksgiving meal. I sat at the kids table. It was weird, and I realized I don't know how to talk to teenagers anymore. I can talk to adults and little kids, but not teenagers. Oh well. I'll learn that skill again when I ever need to. Afterwards we went to our third meal at another member's house. By this point I was getting a little full, but I was fine. Then we went to Janet and Rey's house for our 4th Thanksgiving... I was nearly asleep halfway through my plate. It was so hard, but so good at the same time. Sadik is getting baptized next week so we are getting him all ready for that. Exciting stuff! But right now I'm drinking ginger ale, eating brownies, and listening to Christmas music in the light of our glistening tree. It's gorgeous really. I'm so excited for Christmas, and if you aren't yet...check out #HeIsTheGift.  It's sure to get you excited! Awesome stuff is happening here, and I hope you all have an awesome week! 

Love you!
~Elder Jorgensen

Thanks Bro and Sis W for this GREAT picture!

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