Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014 ~ Week 63

Hey everyone, 

So, do you know what is the greatest thing in the whole wide world? It's getting cold! I'm so happy because summer is just hot, and muggy, and miserable, and stuff. But it's so beautiful up here too! All the leaves have changed and it's gorgeous. Honestly, I am in one of the most beautiful places in the mission at this time. We are up in the mountains, and there is thick foliage everywhere, and every color a tree can be, a tree is, here in Wilkes-Barre. 

Another of the greatest things in the world, is I have a new companion! Elder Soon! He's from Temecula, California, and he came out two transfers after me. He hits his year mark this week... But I knew him from my first zone. He was in the next ward over when I was in Upper Darby, my first area. He's pretty much just a big panda bear, and I love him so stinking much. Elder Kitsell is back home in England, but I got to see him one last time before he left, and I was able to meet his parents too, because they picked him up. That was a weird experience, I'm telling you. 

This week was a great one. Heavenly Father has blessed us exceedingly. We've had the opportunity to teach Trish a few times. Trish is an old investigator, who I never taught, but had talked to once. Due to circumstances in her life, she chose not to progress in the Gospel before. Now she has chosen to be baptized, and decided she was going to make the changes in her life necessary to come to God. She's doing really, really well. I'm so excited for her! She'll get baptized later this month. She recently moved to the other Elder's area though, so we will be handing her off to them. I'm excited for that because Elder Dopp is training a golden.  Elder Foster and he will have the opportunity to have a good investigator to learn from and he'll have the experience of helping someone be baptized at the beginning of his mission.  That will help carry him through. We were also able to meet with Crystal again which hasn't happened in a while! I'm super glad she didn't just disappear. She's still doing really well. 

So I've talked about the greatest things in the world, but now I need to discuss the greatest thing out of this world. Now, every single missionary in the world is writing home about general conference right now, so I will make my comments as personal, and brief as I can.  You can go read all the generic stuff from everyone
else. The main three points I learned from conference are: 
1. what it means to support and sustain your leaders, 
2. the necessity to turn to your own weaknesses, before trying to help people with theirs, even when your intentions are good and pure. 
3. The final thing that struck home to me during conference was from President Eyring's priesthood session talk.  He spoke about the Aaronic Priesthood, but what I got out of it, is how important it is to trust those around you...seeing how huge of
an impact a little bit of trust can have. It's amazing! I know these men are called of God, and I know the church is true... Follow the prophet! He knows the way!

Love you all.
~Elder Jorgensen

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