Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014 ~ Week 66

Hey everyone,

So this week here in the Scranton Pennsylvania Stake, we had Stake Conference. Elder Andersen of the Seventy was there. He is the same one that toured our mission last month. It was cool to see him again. One thing that I've been learning a lot about is how love changes people. Elder Andersen spoke about this in his talk in the general session of Stake Conference. He spoke about how to have power, respect, and trust flow TO you, rather than FROM you. It was amazing! 

As far as missionary work goes, it's going great! We are teaching a part member
family that's less active. The only unbaptized one, Quideerah is 10 and we set a baptismal date this week for January. She is such a smart kid, and knows mostly all of the things we teach her already. The only thing that will stop her from progressing is the progress of her family. But they are doing well. 

In this ward we have been working with the young men a lot. There aren't a whole ton of young men, but these kids are awesome. I've caught the vision of their leaders as far as the kids getting their Eagle goes. They are focusing on the Duty to God program in relation to Scouts, and it is working wonders. Two things I never did were get my Eagle award or my Duty to God. If I had done these two things, I would be so much more prepared for life, and my mission, and be a much better person. So you youth out there, do it. It's so important. God has a plan for each of us, and as we use the structure He has given us, we will be much happier, and much more productive in our efforts! 

Have a great week! 

~Elder Jorgensen

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