Sunday, October 26, 2014

October 20, 2014 ~ Week 65

Hey everyone,
First off, last week I typed and sent my email on Monday, but it didn't send until I got into wi-fi range on Tuesday. The same will be happening this week, as I'm at my apartment, wherein there is no wi-fi.

So this week was good but also pretty weird at the same time. Monday we had some awesome stuff happen. So we went to dinner and FHE at the Alder's. They are a great family. There's 8 kids and 2 are on missions. So we went over there and also had Crystal and her kids come as well. It was super cool and there was lots of fellowship. So what was interesting is that the Alder's daughter hit a deer that day. We saw the car and the grill is all smashed in and stuff. Twas weird
because she was super nonchalant about it. I thought that was funny.

Tuesday was interesting because nothing we planned for worked out but volleyball did and lots of people showed up. It was super fun. I enjoyed it a whole bunch.   
So on Wednesday it was pouring really bad. Like it was a lot. So we stopped by some people and tried to stay dry. Then we had a handoff lesson with Trish and the other elders because she moved to the area. It made me sad but such is missionary life. It was good. Then we went to Young Men's because we help out there every week. But they decided to watch the Home Teachers movie so we had to leave. But we got to talk to people that we needed to because all the moms kinda hang out in he foyer because the church is too far for them to go back home, so that was good. 

Thursday we had district meeting and planning and a lesson with a 10 year old, who isn't baptized and the rest of their family, who are less active. It was great.  Then we had coordination meeting. 

Friday we had like three lessons right in a row, which was refreshing, seeing how things have slowed down a little bit recently.  We went to a guys house at a trailer park that we set up a lesson with but it was really creepy. Like every cat in that complex was there. We were being surrounded by cats. There was even a baby kitty there. Also a cat came out of the recycling bin. It was like a twilight zone moment hahaha. Then we had a lesson with a less active, ️Austin, that got interrupted by a guy from Aaron's Rent that was going to repo their fridge if they didn't pay. It was just really weird and random.  After that we had to drop a couple of our investigators, Anthony and Roseanne, because it would be best for their progression. I've been working with them since I got here, so it made me a little sad. Then we had a lesson with Crystal, and she un expectedly made us dinner even though we had a dinner scheduled right after that. We had the Bishop with us for that lesson and it was super good but bishop only had a half an hour and we had to eat and teach a lesson. It was super good though and Bishop was able to help address her concerns. Then we has a second dinner with a member family that is moving today and we are going to help them later. 

Saturday was just interesting. All of our plans fell though. So we went an did Facebook and taught a couple lessons on there. Then we had dinner and a lesson with a recent convert. She made a really good lasagna. Our lesson was really good and spiritual. 

Sunday was good. Church was really good. The lessons were on point. The talks in sacrament were too. We also had another dinner lesson but with an investigator again. This time it was the member's daughter's boyfriend, William. There were also random people that the family invited. It was the owner of a car lot and his wife that the family made friends with while buying their daughter a new car. The
members here are legit because they always invite us with their friends there and we teach a lesson. So that was our crazy week!

Something I learned from my studies: secret combinations are bad.

Love you!
~Elder Jorgensen


Elder Jorgensen and Elder Soon

Breathtaking- Wilkes-Barre, PA

Isn't he the most adorable??

He sure LOVES the animals!

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