Wednesday, October 15, 2014

October 13, 2014 ~ Week 64

Hey everyone,
"All bout that monopoly craze!"
Just so you know, the subject is true...Elder Soon and myself are all about that Monopoly craze. In every single set, we have all the pieces but one... But we've won a lot of free fries, and free smoothies. So that's nice...But anyways, that's not really important at all. Just a random joke we have... But it's all bout that monopoly craze...

Anyways... This week has been pretty busy. It seems like every day was packed full... Except for Tuesday. Nothing happened on Tuesday. We should just get rid of every single Tuesday ever. Not that Tuesday's are bad or anything... Just... We should get rid of them. We should vote on it. We can make our own political party too... It can be the anti Tuesday party... Our mascot can be a tuecant. It will be great! But I have 6 minutes to finish this email before P-day ends so we will cut the silly things I am saying. 

It's been a great week. So for our accountability that we set for the last two weeks we have been working on member present lessons, and we set a goal for 9 of them. In the past two weeks we've had 10 lessons cancel on us and we still managed to reach our goal, which was amazing. Goes to show you how when you prayerfully set a goal there is always a way to reach it. We've been working with Crystal and Trish a lot. They've been progressing so well. Crystal is still afraid of going to church, but we've been working with her, and she's coming around. We're having a lesson with her later tonight. Trish is doing amazing. We are handing her off this week, which makes me sad, but I'll still be able to go to her baptism.

I saw "Meet the Mormons" at zone conference. It was so amazing. Cried for the first time in a long time during it. You need to make sure you all go and see it. Share it on Facebook. Get the word out because it's amazing!!! I love you! This gospel is true!

~ Elder Jorgensen

P.S. Elder Soon is pretty awesome. He'll definitely go down as one of
my favorite comps.

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