Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27, 2014 ~ Week 27

Hey, Hey, Hey-
So, first off, I am now in Reading, PA (Pronounced Redding)  with Elder Alex Eldredge from Layton! I am honestly so super excited! This area is so prepared, and we have been getting so much work done. We had 8 lessons in just 3 days of working and that is us just getting started! There is so much potential in this area, and honestly, me and Elder Eldredge are like the dream team. We're the same size, and we look a lot a like, and we act a lot alike, and honestly we get along so well. He is a stud of a missionary, and everything is going for us. 
{LOVE this picture that a sweet member in Cody's ward sent me last night. When Ky and I FB stalked his companion, the 1st thing we said was, "Oh he's so cute and little like Cody." }
So, Reading... It is the 2nd poorest city in the U.S According to Eldridge, and it is super tiny, and compact. It is full of Puerto Ricans. Super full of them. We try to do as much work outside of Reading as we can though. Not because we don't like going there, but people NOT in Reading are far more likely to keep commitments and whatnot!  But there is so much work to be doing here. We're going to be working crazy hard, and honestly nothing is going to be able to stop us, because we really have been called here by God, to do his work. The area has been prepared, and the field really is white, and ready to harvest. So, we will be doing a fare bit of reaping! So crazy excited. Everything really is just going right for us. I'm loving it so much! 

We have a car, which is super weird. We live in a super duper nice apartment complex. Definitely not your normal missionary apartment. We have a pool (Can't use it!) and a clubhouse and computer and a carwash! We actually live in Exeter, but it's like right next to Reading, and it's a township, not a separate city... so yeah! I'm just super happy to be here, and it's so crazy how much I am learning and how much different of a person I am just since last week! So weird. Anyways, I got to go. 

 I love you all a bunch!
~Elder Jorgensen

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