Friday, November 1, 2013

100th Day....HIP HIP HOORAY!

100 Days ago today, I said "Good-Bye" to my baby boy for 2 whole years. I cannot believe how incredibly hard it has been, but at the same time how fast these past 100 days have flown by...TRULY a tender mercy from a very loving Heavenly Father. Here's to hoping the next 630 days goes JUST as fast. 

Happy 100th Day!
I LOVE YOU Elder Jorgensen... to the MOON and BACK!

***I never posted MTC pictures so here they are.  My head was in a haze that day.  I spent most the previous night crying and secretly laying in his bed watching him sleep.  What would I do without him for 2 years?  We didn't even take a family picture before he left.  DANG IT!
MTC- Mother's Torture Curb  ;)  The whole "drop off" literally was MAYBE 2 minutes.  The sweet Host Missionaries had the trunk open before we even had a chance to get out of the car.  It was such a whirlwind 2 minutes.  We never even got a picture hugging him.  

 And just like that....he was off to serve the Lord.  NEVER did he look back.  Head Up.  Eyes Forward.  Determined.  Focused. Committed. READY!
Return with Honor Elder Jorgensen!

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