Wednesday, November 13, 2013

This Momma's Prayers Were Answered

  • Dear Brother and Sister Jorgensen,
  • My name is Sister S and my husband and I have had the privilege of getting to know your Elder Jorgensen. It has been such a blessing to have him in our home and serving our little Philadelphia 4th ward. With that said, I wanted to thank you for being great parents and having the courage to raise your children the best you know how. Your hard work, many tears, sleepless nights, and prayers to Heavenly Father has such sweet pay out. Every time your son mentions mom or home, the unconditional love his family has for him shines through. I see the great strength and support that is to your Elder Jorgensen and how it enables him to be a better servant of the Lord. We had the Upper Darby elders (Elder Jorgensen) and the West Philly elders over tonight for “brinner.” It was a little extra fun from the normal especially throwing in the spiritual message Elder Jorgensen gave. It was a new rendition of Dr. Seuss’s “Green Eggs and Ham” that I had never heard of before. You’ll have to ask him about it. I want you to know when the missionaries come into my home I always try to feed them like I would hope someone would feed my son. So know Momma Jorgensen, there is another momma out there looking out for your baby. He looks good, carries the spirit with him, you can be proud. We have a nine month old baby boy. It is only our hope and prayer that he can grow up to be a missionary like any of the four young elders we had at our dinner table tonight. As a parent it’s a crazy experience to bring your first baby home from the hospital, little alone imagining sending them off on their mission. Life, family, and being a parent is a beautiful thing when encompassed in the gospel. Thank you for being good examples. We have not lived in Philadelphia long. Actually the first time we met Elder Jorgensen was the day he helped us move into our row home here. Wow, we’re we grateful to see the missionaries that day! Just a few things I think of when I think of your Elder Jorgensen. Eats a lot, and whenever possible lots of gravy, and cool whip. Grinning from ear to ear and saying the word “magical” when he was handed an Oreo shake. Always a light heart and positive outlook on any day. A strong testimony of the gospel and always a willing hand to serve. Following the rules. A great sense of humor, and always a good story. Sharing spiritual thoughts, church books, Pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipes, or CDs like Gospel Cowgirl and Star Child. Most importantly, thanks again for being great parents and raising such a fine young man. “For they had been taught…they did not doubt and their mothers knew it.” I hope you didn’t mind my abrupt drop in and sporadicalness of my letter. Have a good night! Love, Bro. and Sis. S

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