Monday, March 9, 2015

March 10, 2015 ~ Week 85

Are you ready to hear a great story? Ready set go! 

So once upon a time I really, really didn't want to email, because that takes a lot of effort, and thought. Plus I kept putting it off, and putting it off until the end. So I sent the one you got last time. Then, later in the week Elder Payne asked me a question about writing letters not on Monday, so I opened up the white handbook, and read him the answer... It is as follows... "Write to your family each week on preparation day." So, one of the purposes of the spirit is to remind you of your guilt....That way you can repent. The spirit began to work on me. Then Sunday, the topic of everything was following Christ, and obedience. The spirit continues to work... Then I got like 3 emails today from people telling me how they were disappointed in me not writing a good letter last week... Thanks guys. I hope you're happy now.  

So... I've had a great week. It's been pretty stressful and crazy, but lots of adventures! Tuesday we had zone training where we got new iPads. That was a fun adventure. Then Thursday we got snowed in. It snowed ALL day long. It only snowed like 7 or 8 inches though. For snowing all day long, I feel like it should have snowed more. So we weekly planned, and spent the rest of the day calling people and setting up appointments.  Due to this, we have a crazy busy week planned for next week.  We have 20+ appointments set up, and plans to teach a bazillion lessons. Plus we have members to come with us to just about all of them. It's crazy. So that's all good. 

Saturday we had Golden retraining, which was a meeting for all the Goldens and their trainers to make sure I wasn't being an evil disobedient dictator. I passed. BUT we totally had to go early. Ernesta's baptism was at 4 and the meeting was supposed to go til 2, but as we all know... We're Mormons... Meetings never run according to time..... Ever. So we left 2 hours early. Ernesta's baptism went awesome! Pictures will come once I get them from the member who took them. After the baptism we played life size Hungry Hungry Hippos with the Elders Quorum. That was fun. 

Elder Payne is doing great. I love being able to train him. I can't even imagine being a real life dad because being a missionary dad is soooo hard. There is so much I have to teach him, and it's so hard to teach him a year and a half worth of stuff... Because that's what I try to do... I'm getting there though, and he is super patient, and awesome with me so it's great. 

A scripture I read this week that really stood out to me was found in 1st Nephi 21:10

10 They shall not hunger nor thirst, neither shall the heat nor the sun smite them; for he that hath mercy on them shall lead them, even by the springs of water shall he guide them.

It was very apparent to me as I read this that there was something significant I was supposed to learn. I sat there and stared at it for like 10 minutes until it clicked. We won't hunger or thirst because God leads us by the springs of water. Now what is significant about him leading us to springs of all bodies of water? Springs are usually fresh water, and safe to drink. They are usually small, and possibly hidden from view. Lakes, rivers, oceans, usually aren't ok to drink from. So God leads us not to huge bodies of water, but to the safe water to drink, that doesn't come constantly, but he leads us to it as often as we need it. I see that with me, I don't constantly have these huge experiences that just carry me, but I look for the small springs God leads me to, and that is enough to sustain me. I know God loves us! 

I love you! Bye!!!

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