Tuesday, February 24, 2015

February 24, 2015 ~ Week 83

Hello all,
Today we are making a trip into Philly, and as such, our time to email is short. It's been a long time since I've had a good steak though, so I'm excited to get one today! All the ones I've had in Delaware have stunk.   

Anyways, about how I'm doing... I'm doing pretty great. Ernesta did not get baptized this week, and the other person we had dropped off the face of the earth, but it's ok, because we are finding all sorts of new people! It's great! In our mission we have a goal to achieve 60% of our Standards of Excellence every week, and I've only missed that once since it became a goal, and this week wasn't looking too good. We had appointments fall through with lots of investigators, we had members fall through on coming to our lessons with us, and Sunday I was stressed out because we weren't looking like we would reach our goal. 

Now, we set goals to show our faith, and we always associate numbers to names, we don't associate names to numbers. But all our plans fell through, and we knew not what to do. So we went out and we accomplished what we could, and reached the Standard of Excellence for new investigators in ONE DAY. It was great! Totally unforeseen, and completely a work of God. Goes to show that when you set goals, and do all you can, the Lord will always pull through. 

Elder Payne is doing fantastic, and has grown so much. I'm a super proud daddy. {Fun Fact: When an elder trains a brand new missionary, the new missionary is jokingly referred to as the elder's 'son.'}  

On Saturday we were supposed to go help in the Bayview Ward with an open house for their new chapel, but then it snowed 6 inches, and we got grounded, and it had snowed 3 inches before we could get home, and driving in the snow in Delaware is a lot different from driving in the snow in Utah.  We almost died. But we didn't  because divine protection. 

Yesterday (Monday) we also had a super cool mission wide conference where two seventies, Elder Allan and Elder Evans came and taught us. So as many may know, our mission has been a test mission for items such as iPads, Skype, and Facebook.  We are no longer going to be a test mission, but now we are going to
be a mission with ALL those things. As such, we are going to receive the same training, and everything that all the others will who are now getting these things, will receive.  Complete restart. We also are losing our Facebook for a few months so we can break any bad habits before we go to get trained again. Also, all missionaries have to buy iPads now in this mission.....Even the ones who are out...EXCEPT FOR THE ONES THAT ARE LEAVING IN THE NEXT SIX MONTHS!!! Can't even describe how happy I was that I don't have to buy one. That was a closey.

 But yeah! I love being a missionary!

~Elder Jorgensen

I am so thankful for Members who take pictures and send them to me...I kind of SCORED today.  
PROOF that Heavenly Father listens to whiney moms.  Tender Mercy for sure!
Thanks Sister M and Brother F!!!!

Philadelphia Temple 
If you look close the missionaries are across the street

TemporaryVisitor Center 

Elder Jorgensen and Brother F

There's no place like home....except the PPM


Elder Jorgensen and Elder Payne

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