Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16, 2015 ~ Week 86

Well! It's been an interesting week. We had 50% of our appointments hold this week. It's been an adventure, and it's felt like we've been flying by the seat of out pants all week with members canceling, appointments falling through and all. 

We've seen a ton of miracles this week too. With the extra time we've had we have found a few new
investigators, and a few new potentials.  It's great. We're seeing lots of good things happen all the time. At the moment we don't really have any new investigators that are progressing, because we baptized all of em, so we are going to be focusing on finding a lot. 

I totally got a new suit for free. The stake had a big garage give away at the church, and we just so happened to be there when it was getting set up so we got first grabs. It was great. Good things will happen this week for sure!

Love ya!
~Elder Jorgensen


Happy St. Patrick's Day!  
{This is the first package picture I have ever received in the same week as the holiday!
A shamrock tie, a gift card, and 6 boxes of his favorite Girl Scout Cookies....thin mints.  Not sure what's up with that  that goofy smile though.}
Elder Eves, Elder Jorgensen, Elder Morris, and Elder Payne
{Not positive that's the right order.}
Elder Pule and Elder Jorgensen

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