Monday, February 9, 2015

February 9, 2015 ~Week 81

Hello everyone! 
It's a cloudy overcast day here in Delaware.   The current temperature is 32 degrees Fahrenheit with a low of 28 and a high of 34. It ain't even bad! Really though, it's been pretty warm the past few days. Which is good because my companion is from Nevada. His name is Elder Payne and he has been out in the field 5 days now.
He's practically a veteran.   On Tuesday we had transfer meetings and on the slide show we always do, my name popped up, and a picture of a smiley face..... A Golden! So then Tuesday night me, Elder Roberts and Elder Saltzgiver were all together... One last trial before I got to train right? 

So we showed up to the "Get Your Golden Meeting" on Wednesday morning,  got our "Goldens," had a get to know you game, had some training, set up their iPads, and off we went! The first thing we did when we got home was do some role plays and then we went out tracting. It was awesome!! Elder Payne did so good.  Being with him, especially right after being with Elder Engelman is so weird. This is the first time I've ever had a companion who has been so young. It's weird to think that when I came out on my mission, 5 lifetimes ago, I was probably a lot like him. I can see how much I've learned and grown in the past year and a half more now than ever. Now we just gotta get Elder Payne learning and growing too! It's the best! 

I've realized that the biggest thing I've learned so far on my mission is the need for communication, and honesty. I feel like there would be absolutely no problems in the world if people just communicated and we're honest with themselves, and those around them. There really wouldn't be any hate, or hurt feelings, or anything like that if people just let each other know what they were feeling, and what they were doing. I know that communication is good. 

Brother Hall is being baptized on Saturday so that is super exciting! We've got the whole program planned, and it's going to be awesome! Oh, also, they took the sisters out of our ward, and now we have dinner appointments almost every single day... Before we had only like 2 or 3 appointments. Awesome stuff is happening, and we are working super hard! Talk to you later!

~Elder Jorgensen

Elder Jorgensen and his Golden...Elder Payne
Elder Jorgensen and Elder Jones from Mission Office

Elder Jorgensen and Elder Engleman {and the rest of his district??}

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