Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September 2, 2014 ~ Week 58

Because of the holiday yesterday, I figured email would come today.  NOTHING!  I did get a quick reply to MY email so I know he is breathing.  At least now we only have 6 days wait.  :)

This week I did receive the CUTEST picture from a member.  Thanks Sister A.

Elder Jorgensen & Elder Kitsell

AND a GREAT message from a member....Thanks Sister D.
"Yesterday we went and taught a lesson with him. He did so good that I got teary eye. He asked what was wrong. And I said. I am thinking of your Mom. And I wish she would see the man you are. And how great you share and love the Gospel. He also taught a 7 year old how to pray. She never did it before."

SO proud of that sweet boy. I love his guts....EVEN if he doesn't write his mama.

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