Monday, September 8, 2014

September 8, 2014 ~ Week 59

Hey everyone,

Sorry it's been a while, but here I am! I'm still sort of alive! Yayyy!!! This past week has been super crazy. We haven't gotten a whole lot of missionary work done this week unfortunately, due to some circumstances. So let's go through this day by day, and I'll let you know how incredible my life is.

Monday! (Labor Day)
We didn't have P-day on this day. What we did was we had a day of service. Our ward is super awesome, and everyone works so hard. We decided we would do something to give back a little bit, and build the trust of the members and missionaries. So we started by heading over to Brother M's house to help him clean it out! He recently moved, but he had to finish cleaning out the old house, so we were there to save the day! Hooray! During this time, unfortunately, I had to play with the kitties... They were scared, and terrified because their house was empty, and there was a billion people there... I picked one up and she kind of destroyed my hand... Shout out to Keara! I'm grateful for a kitty who doesn't beat me up with her sharp claws. But it was fun to serve and help anyways. Then we headed over to the greatest, most wonderful, hardest working, best cooking, member, who just so happens to be the fairest in all the land, Sister Dean's house. We helped her and Brother Dean do some work around the house, Elder Rosell and I washed and cut all the dog's hair. It was different and so fun! They really are the best though. Sister Dean is the member who sends my wisdom teeth video to everyone in the ward and posts my baby pictures on Facebook... Not sure how she gets those... (COUGH COUGH MOM COUGH COUGH) then they made us super good whole wheat pancakes. Then we headed over to the M's who recently moved in and we helped them paint their house. It was an adventure!

We had P-day. Then at night time we went and taught Crystal. She is progressing so well, and I'm so excited for her. She keeps just about all her commitments, she loves it when we keep daily contact with her, and she wants to change her life, and she knows we can help. She just needs to use the enabling power of the atonement some more.

I was on exchange with Elder Dopp... Which was kind of weird. So the district leader goes on exchange with everyone in their district once a transfer. During this exchange the district leader trains the missionaries and sets goals with them, and leaves them commitments to help them grow closer to Christ, and in their ability as a missionary. Elder Dopp was my district leader the last two transfers. Now I'm the district leader and having the roles switched was strange. It was good though. We taught a lot of less actives that day, and walked a lot,
because we were in his area and they don't have a car.

So at the end of your mission, President takes all the dying missionaries to the temple. This was Elder Kitsell's day at the temple. We had zone training in the morning, then I had this huge prompting to go and see this certain potential... So we did. I was so excited because I was so sure I was supposed to be there for some reason. Tracy wasn't home...but I still felt like we were supposed to be there... So I wanted to leave a card, but I didn't have one. I ran to the trunk, set down the keys, which were in my pocket, grabbed a card, wrote on it, ran and put it on the door, ran back to the car, and stared at the closed trunk with the keys inside... Aawwww man. Elder Kitsell shut the trunk... And I left the keys in there... We called Elder Jones, and he told us what to do. We called Sister Dean and she told us what to do. Then there was this guy getting out of his car so we went and asked him for help. He came over and helped us. He was so nice, and it was awesome! We thanked him, and then went on to hop in our car, and drive off... Then I realized why we were supposed to go there, and why we were supposed to lock our keys in the car... All to meet this man... And I didn't even ask his name, or share the gospel with him. On this day I failed to do Heavenly Fathers will. What's funny is for some reason, I'm not beating myself up about it. I understand that what I did was wrong, and I resolved to change it. No anxiety, stress or grief involved whatsoever. Goes to show how much I'm learning, and how much I've grown.,. I love it. Then we drove down to Pottsville, and I stayed with Elder Lovaas while Elder Mansell and Kitsell drove down to the mission home. Pottsville was an interesting place. We will leave it at that. :)

Spent the day in Pottsville

We went to a party at the Badilla's. The purpose of this party was missionary work. No one was allowed to come unless they brought a nonmember friend for us to meet... Unfortunately no one that spoke English really came except for a few active members from our ward. It was a lot of fun, but not the most productive of our time, sadly.

We had church, then we set a bunch of appointments up for our next week so it wasn't as dead as this one was. This next week should be awesome. We've got a lot of great plans, and a lot of lessons were learned in this past week to make next week great!

Well, that was exhausting!!! But I wrote a good letter this week! That's something I'm terrible at, but I'm working on being better. I love you!

~Elder Jorgensen

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