Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15, 2014 ~Week 60

Hey Everyone,

Man oh man, this week has seemed like the longest week in all of existence... Well, close to it. But it's weird, because it's been a really good week. Again,BecauseOfHim it all blends together in my head, I'm just going to go through it day by day. It's a whole lot easier that way.

Monday: Nothing really eventful happened.

Tuesday: We spent nearly the whole day with brother yoder, an older retired member. We went and did all of his home teaching with him. It was a really good day. I wish so much at I had known how to be a good hometeacher before my mission. Then at night we had dinner with Sister A and a recent convert, Lindsey, and one of the other Elder's investigators. It was an awesome lesson. We taught them about agency and choice.

Wednesday: We were able to see Crystal again! We set her with a baptismal date, which is pretty solid. She is progressing so well. She just needs to get to church now. But the ward has reached out to her so well, and the only thing that will keep her from coming next week is her own agency. We were able to have dinner with a member as well.  They were fun. We taught the kids all about how important it is to know that we are all family, and that a lot of their family doesn't know their dad, so we need to introduce them. 

We had district meeting. I taught it on "how members help us accomplish our mission vision, and how the members really are our mission vision."

Our Mission Vision is to:
1 Teach to conversion
2 Support and strengthen members
3 Get them on the road to the temple.

I did this by teaching from PMG {Preach my Gospel} that we should "Work with members of the Church to find people to teach. The ideal situation is when members invite others to be taught and are present for the teaching. When members do this, more people are baptized and remain active in the Church." PMG:160

And that we should take members teaching not just to strengthen the investigator, but also the member. And that we should always have the temple as a goal. It went super awesome.

Friday: We had Elder Anderson, a member of the Seventy come and teach us. We had to be in Nazareth by 7 AM so that meant we had to get up at 4:00 AM.... I didn't like that... Then I had to drive for nearly two hours. I was pooped by the time we got there! But it was such an awesome training. He taught us about covenants and ordinances. What's important are the covenants, but the only way to make the covenants are through the ordinances. I learned so much. Especially as we went through the covenants we make for salvation and discussed what they meant.... As far as we were able to. Then after the conference I went on exchange with Elder Bierman up in Tunkhannock. That meant I was able to drive the truck.., because Tunkhannock is the middle of nowhere and they need a truck to get around their area. It sucked. When you're used to driving a corolla, driving a truck is hard, I never parked correctly on the first try. Parallel parking in the truck??? Yeah right. Me and Elder Bierman had a good time though. It was weird, because he's only been out a few weeks, so I was able to think about what I was like at that time, and see how much I've grown. It was crazy!

Saturday: We spent the day running from appointment to appointment, and
having correlation with our ward mission leader. We had dinner with Sister D, who is the best in the world, even though she tried to kill me with her super spicy zucchini. It was death. Then we saw Crystal again. She is so worried to come to church cause she's afraid of being judged. Luckily that's a problem we can work with. She just needs love, which the ward can, and will give.

Sunday: Sunday was pretty crazy. We went to church of course, and Crystal didn't come. :( but she'll get there next week just you wait! But the rest of the day kind of flew by, but was so good anyways!

Well...that's it.  I love you all! Have a great week!

~Elder Jorgensen

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