Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28, 2014 ~ Week 53

Good Morning Everyone..
Sometimes as a missionary on P-days I feel like a little kid who is only allowed to play with his imaginary friends on Mondays until 6. So, my imaginary friends... Let's talk about marriage! 

Not for me you silly gooses! You are very silly gooses for thinking that I would be concerned with that! That's still at minimum 2 years away. No. The marriage I speak of is that of Josephina and Jorge. They are two members of the ward, and Josephina has a really good relationship with us. She invited us to the wedding! To be honest, I think it was the first real wedding I've ever been to. Most of the weddings I would have taken part of were in the temple, so I could only go to the reception. It was really cool to see an LDS non-temple marriage. Bishop Scherer was the one who married them. Now she is Dominican and he is Mexican. Barely anyone knew English there. It was funny because the ceremony was in English too! Sister Badilla translated though. It was at her house. It was really an awesome time. I loved the actual marriage ceremony though. The main focus of it was that they are to serve completely for the rest of their mortal lives each other. Mortal lives was a phrase used often throughout the ceremony. I am so grateful though that it doesn't just have to be through our mortal lives that we are able to serve and be with the ones we love. If we prepare now, and live our lives so that we can be ready for that commitment, we can be sealed for all time and eternity. I'm excited for Jorge and Josephina. They plan on going to the temple and getting sealed next year and it's going to take a lot of work, but it will be worth it! 

Also, as you all know, I hit my year mark this past week. As part of missionary tradition, I burned a shirt. Unfortunately I wasn't too smart about it. I burned a long sleeve shirt figuring it would be used less. But I forgot I have a shirt packed away in my bag that I was planning on burning because it was ripped, but oh well.  We went and burned it at the church in the parking lot. It made a big mess though so we went back Friday morning to clean it all up. That thing burnt so hot and for so long. It was crazy. 

We got 5 awesome referrals this week from members. It is so cool to see members
involved in missionary work so much here. We've been working on that a lot and it has been one of our main focus points since we've been here. Good things are about to be coming! The church is true! Never forget that!

Love to Everyone,
~Elder Jorgensen

{Enjoying his Hump Day Package from home.  YES....that is a stuffed camel.}

{Cinnamon Rolls made from scratch...mentioned last week.}

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