Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7, 2013 ~ Week 11

"Hello everyone!
This has been my 9th week in the mission field, although it feels like it's been 10,000 weeks. It also feels like it's been 1 week. Did you know there are 103,245 billion squirrels in Philly. Yes. I know. That is a lot of squirrels. I like the squirrels because they run around hopping like bunnies. I like bunnies. I wish there were more bunnies here. I'll settle for the squirrels though. This week has been very, very, very long. 

Monday we went down to Center City to see all the sights and stuff. To be honest, I was cranky. That stuff just isn't appealing to me. I would rather do other things on P-Day... like take a nap... or eat... Have I mentioned how fat I'm getting? There is something called the PPM plague. Rapid weight gain. It's very possible I've either caught it, or am catching it. The rest of the week has been pretty standard. 

One super great thing, was that I was able to go on exchange with Elder Kitsell, (District Leader) for Thursday-Friday. I was super excited because we were staying in my area and we had 4 lessons planned. I was also super excited because I learned a whole bunch with Elder Kitsell because I was able to make a ton of mistakes. It really is so nice to be able to fail every once in a while. The next day (Friday) we had 3 lessons planned, and they all fell through, except for one... with Rammond... He's a less active we found a while ago. He's been inactive for like 20 years and he came up and talked to us. He's been through some very hard times, and in Philly that often means drugs are involved. It's so sad to see how he can't even have a conversation with us that makes any sense. We talked about how the matrix is involved with Michaelangelo and that's why he needs to read his scriptures. We also talked about how his friend was attempting to turn him into something else, and how he could stop her by bringing her to conference. Yeah... That's how it goes. The rest of that day was a mess. But I became more fully committed to my missionary work by actually working. It was so nice. Me and Elder Kitsell get along really well. He says I'm a younger version of him, and I say he's a more feminine version of me. :P

Conference was great. We were at the church basically all day. We went out to eat in between. I absolutely loved how much better it was to watch conference as a missionary. {Elder Dube's talk was my favorite.   He's from Nigeria. That's how lots of people here talk.}  I can't wait to go re read all the talks and remember what they all actually talked about. I'm doing fantastic in other words. Love you all!"
-Elder Jorgensen

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