Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21, 2013 ~Week 13

"Hey there everyone!
So this week has been awesome and exciting! Firstly I will begin with Thursday. So me and Elder Pitt went on exchange over in West Philly. Exchanges with Elder Pitt are my favorite because we work crazy hard during them, and we always see awesome miracles. This Thursday was especially full of miracles. We had one lesson scheduled for the day, but we called the person in the morning and we ended up having to cancel the appointment. So Elder Pitt made the decision to go visit a media referral that they had been attempting to contact for several weeks, but were unable to talk to, and was about to drop. So we head out...miss the bus. Wait 20 minutes for the next bus. Then we end up getting off at the wrong stop. Then as we are walking down the street we hear, "HEY ELDER JORGENSEN"! We found the source of the call, and lo and behold, it is Nathan sitting on his balcony, literally two houses over from the media referral. Now I don't remember if I've told you much about Nathan but he is someone Elder Hopkins and I met several weeks before outside the church, and we've had a couple meetings with him at the church. He's going through some very hard times right now and after me and Elder Pitt went in to talk to him we learned that that previous night he had knelt down and prayed for a sign from God that He would help Nathan in his trials. Then we also learned that Nathan was supposed to be at work, but that he was running super late. Nathan told us that we were his sign from God. It truly is amazing that as long as we are obedient and working hard, our Heavenly Father always places us exactly where He wants us to be to do the work we have been placed here to do for Him. Later that day, Elder Pitt and I got very lost. We ended up in the middle of a forest, hiking along a trail that our map said led to a road we needed to get to. Sadly, we had to turn around. I took pictures though! It was exciting! We saw horses in the middle of West Philly!
Horses in West Philly!

Lost in the Forest...{I think they need the Liahona.}

{Elder Pitt}

{Random picture of Elder Jorgensen and Elder Hopkins}

Another awesome experience was that on Sunday the Colts got baptized! I was so excited for them, and it was so cool to see how happy their dad was to do it. Families really are the most important thing in the world, and the gospel helps them be closer together than they ever could be, and I'm so grateful for that. Being on a mission is the best! I love you all!"
{The Colts, Elder Hopkins, & Elder Jorgensen}

~Elder Jorgensen
P.S Transfers are this upcoming week, and there is a good chance that I will be moving.  I won't know until Friday. But I spent all this morning responding to all the letters I have accumulated so I'm dropping them in the mail today, but if anyone sends me anything this week, send it to the mission office so I can be sure to get it if I leave.

Elder Cody Scott Jorgensen
721 Paxon Hollow Road  Suite B 

{Note from THAT'S my boy!  LOVE that he sent so many pictures this week.  He finally figured out Dropbox and he unloaded his camera.  There were a lot of MTC pictures that I will post later.  THANKS for supporting Elder Jorgensen.  I KNOW that it helps and sustains him.}

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