Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October 15, 2013 ~ Week 12

"Hey everyone!
So first off, I would like to begin this letter with a disclaimer, I am bouncing off the walls hyper right now. I don't know why. I just am. So yeah... This week.... Has Been AWESOME!  We had milkshake madness. By we, I mean Elder Pitt and I while we were on exchange. It has been cold and rainy this whole week. I have been writing this email for seriously 20 minutes... So that is how I am doing today. During milkshake madness I made cookie dough and put it in the milkshakes. Milkshake madness is an awesome tradition we have. I like milkshake madness. 

During this week we found out that Cynthia's work schedule changed so she works on Sundays. We had to postpone her baptismal date. She still wants to be baptized though. She's progressing really nicely. The Colts are getting baptized this Sunday, so that is awesome!  It has been super fun to go around in the rain this week. Francis was at church this week! She's the 70 year old Liberian lady. It was funny because Sister Bim (Awesome Nigerian lady) just grabbed Francis and took her around with her to all the classes. It was so great! 

The scripture I have been thinking the most about this week has been Moses 1:39:
'For behold, this is my work and my glory- to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.'

It really has so many deep amazing meanings when you actually think about it. It reaffirms everything that the gospel is. I love it so much. 

Well, I have got to go. I have now spent an hour on this email... Sorry for my struggles.

~Elder Jorgensen

P.S.  Attached are some fat person pictures.

{Note from Mom....I have NO idea what has possessed this boy of mine.  Talk about random thoughts this week.  And where are the pictureS???  This is the only one he sent me.  LOVE that boy but his letter is a little cRaZy this week.  I think it is hilarious that in my letter, he asked me to send him some wrestling pictures of him so everyone could see that he used to be skinny.  My reply....I'll send you some pictures when YOU send me some pictures so everyone could see that you are alive!  HA!  On a serious note.  I am truly happy and content to get ANY kind of letter from my missionary.  I know there are a couple missionary moms out there who would have given anything to get a letter from their missionary this P-Day.  LOTS of love and thoughts and prayers for the family of Elders Page and Elder Kunz.  "Well done, thou good and faithful servants!"}

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