Monday, September 9, 2013

September 9, 2013 ~ Week 7

"Hey everyone! So today we are having zone unity day and we are supposed to be 30 minutes away in 20 minutes so this will be a quicker email! This week has been interesting. Because of Labor Day, we had P-day on Tuesday. Wednesday I invited someone to be baptized and he said, "no!" But that was because he was scared of the water, and he's 9. We'll continue meeting with him though. His name is Brandon. His parents are members.  When we went over there they fed us real authentic mexican tacos. They are from Mexico. They were good, but greasy. The kids speak good english, and the dad speaks alright english, but the mom doesn't speak any. She's a RM from Mexico though. Thursday we had District meeting and planning, which is always awesome. We have such an awesome district leader. He always knows how to help us learn and grow. Friday morning I went on exchange with Elder Jenkins, our district leader, over in West Philly. The one thing I am absolutely terrible at is talking to people. So that is what I kind of sort of tried to work on. I'm getting there though. The thing is I'm not really even all that scared to talk to people, I just don't. I have some sort of apprehension that causes me to not open my mouth and talk. I'll get over it sooner or later. I do know that on Saturday, when I tried to talk to as many people as I could, I was ten trillion times happier than I normally am. Also on Saturday we had a lesson with Sherma, A JW. We brought a recent convert, Sabir, with us. It was a pretty good lesson and we invited her to be baptized, but alas, she isn't ready yet. All is well with me! I've started to learn how to feed myself better, so that's good! I'm always so happy to hear all of your messages and emails every week. Today I have next to no time, but I will get to all of you as soon as I can! Love you!"  ~Elder Jorgensen

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