Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September 3, 2013 - Week 6 (Better Late than Never)

"To my dearest friend...YOU,
 I am having a phenomenal time! Yesterday it rained a whole bunch and I was happy. My companion wasn't though. Sometimes I have just a bit too much energy for him to handle. But if he is going to get mad at me for anything, I would prefer he get mad at me for being excited and friendly and just happy. We didn't really have any particularly cool lessons or stories this week, I spent Wednesday sick in bed, Thursday was Zone Conference, and Friday was District meeting and Area book updating. Jamar came to basketball this last week, so it wasn't an entirely miserable experience! OOOH OOOH OOOH!!!! I do have one MIRACLE story! I realized how to fix me being moody!!! Some of you thought it was absolutely impossible. But I have been blessed to figure it out! It was getting pretty bad throughout the day. I was having huge mood swings and making my companion irritated. But I realized if I eat all day, every day the problem is solved! I mean all day. Like eat a cracker every ten minutes. Also I need to eat a huge, good breakfast, lunch, and dinner. My favorite thing is when we go to the Meus' house to eat. They are the best! They are from Haiti and Sister Meus yells at you if you don't eat everything... and she gives you so much. Sometimes I'm not even sure if I can eat it all... but then I wait 5 minutes and wish I had more. I'm always hungry, despite the fact that I eat 5 times as much as I did back home. I'm learning to buy food that goes a long way. Grocery stores here are weird though. Also a week feels like a blink of your eyes. This is awesome. I always make brownies or cookies or something for district meeting because it's the best. I have one request for you my friend, and that is will you mail me a physical picture of you? My wall is empty. It's rather sad. No one believes I have friends. Ok love you bye!" ~Elder Jorgensen

 {Note from Mom.....PLEASE write to Elder Jorgensen. Even if it is just a quick, "I'm thinking of you" email. Or better yet, if you have the time...write him an ACTUAL letter. I promise you will be blessed for supporting our missionary. The letter I post is the general blog letter that he sends me. You may even get it too. :) In my personal email, he told me today that he got his first hair cut from a fellow missionary. This is REALLY hard for me because, aside from one friend in beauty school, I am the ONLY person who has ever cut his hair. Believe it or not, I used to actually do that for real. (sigh) He also told me that if anyone is wondering what to send him in a package, he really loves FOOD! Funny boy. I think his past 4 years of cutting to make weight for wrestling is catching up to him. Thanks for supporting my sweet boy. It means a lot to him but it means MORE to me. I appreciate his sacrifice so much and I don't want him to be forgotten. LOVE YOU ALL!}

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