Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10, 2014 ~ Week 68

Hello everyone! 

This week has been super awesome. First things first, of course, I'm being transferred away from Wilkes-Barre. To be honest, I'm kind of sad because this ward is so awesome and I love everyone here so much. But it's alright, they are still going to exist after I leave. Plus I'm excited to go to a new place with new people. Change is very necessary. 

Oh by the way, last week when I wrote, my goal was to write the most over dramatic, Elder Holland like email I could. I felt like I did an alright job.  :)

Elder Soon just found out he's training a new missionary, so that's cool. This last week was awesome. So in this mission with our goals, we set a two week goal that we are accountable to the district leader on. This was the second week of our accountability and at the beginning of the week we only had 5/22 total lessons for the two week period. Well, one thing about Elder Soon and I, is  we never set a goal we don't intend to reach. So we set goals, made plans, went home, and made our goal, teaching more lessons than this area has ever seen. It was awesome. Numbers aren't everything though...the coolest part of the week was seeing how when we were trying our hardest to reach this goal, Heavenly Father provided a way for us and we saw miracle after miracle after miracle. Things like a LA {less active} member telling us she was committed to come back to church, and get to the temple, and having her follow through on her promises. Or having everything work out perfectly to see a family at a member's house, that we totally didn't expect to be there. Miracles are everywhere! It's so good to see. 

I don't have a lot of time because I still have to pack, and we are going to the airport to greet a returning missionary to this ward for our P-day. But know that God is real, and he answers prayers. 

Love you!

~Elder Jorgensen

We got pictures this week.......of his CLOTHES!  I would have rather had him IN the clothes but it's a picture!  I sure LOVE that boy of mine!

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