Tuesday, May 13, 2014

May 12, 2014 ~ Week 42

Hey everyone! 
It's me again! Ready to tell you all about my week. It's been a really, really long week, for a couple reasons. First off,last Monday, after doing normal P-day stuff, we went with Elder Beatty and Fawcett to Cabelas. Elder Goates and I usually would rather just do nothing on P-days because we are always tired. Elder Beatty doesn't like that, so he took us to Cabelas! It was really weird going there because it's just like the one in Lehi. I bet Cabelas is really cool
to people who aren't from out west. It felt like home, and it was super strange. 

Anyways! On Tuesday I went on exchange with the zone leaders. That was also strange, due to the fact that they have the same area as us for the most part, they just teach the Spanish people. I didn't do a whole lot of teaching on that exchange, due to the fact that I don't speak Spanish. BUT it was crazy cool to see that for the most part I could understand the conversations that were going on.

Then Wednesday we had zone conference with the Lehigh Valley and Scranton
zones, which was pretty darn cool. We had the doctor in charge of medical
issues for like 10 of the missions around here come and talk to us a lot about stress, and how to manage it. Ya know, the stress and anxiety problems that missionaries have seems to be such a huge problem. One thing I love about my mission is that a lot of the problems missionaries have with stress and anxiety, are problems I had before I was even on my mission. Now I'm actually learning how to manage them, so it's super nice. The rest of the week has been a blur. I can't remember much of it, but I know we were busy because there are days missing from my journal. At least we know that I was working hard right? So today I was looking through my journal and I feel impressed to share my journal entry from the day I left the MTC.

August 6th 2013
So this morning I woke up 10 minutes before we had to leave. I was still one of the people ready first. Then we went to the travel office and got on the bus. Me and Elder Meline were then kicked off. We waited for the next bus and still got there on time. I didn't have much time to call my mom, but I did anyways. It made me pretty sad. Then I got on the plane and slept all the way to Detroit. Then on the way to Philly I sat alone, but halfway through, I tricked Sister Clark into sitting by me. Then the Prez came and picked us up! We all packed into a van and got to the mission home, had cold cheesesteaks, and did some training, now I'm laying here, waiting for tomorrow.

It's crazy to think about how I felt at that time. I never would have guessed I would have the amount of growth and change I've had so far on my mission, and I'm not even half through! I am so happy that I get to be here serving my Father in Heaven. I have the best calling in the whole entire world. Love you guys! Keep on reading your scriptures!

~Elder Jorgensen

{I got some cute pictures of Elder Jorgensen.  Thanks Sister Singleton!}

Roasting Hot Dogs

Elder J and Elder Goates....cute boys

Elder J and Elder Beatty plowing at the Reading Farm

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