Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19, 2014 ~ Week 43

Hello everyone! I'd like to introduce you to my best friend. His name is Gilbert!

Now if you hadn't noticed yet, Gilbert is a frog. You could possibly say that's a little odd for a missionary to be best friends with a frog and odd it is! Even odder are the circumstances that led to our friendship. Let me elaborate! So once upon a Friday, amidst a tumultuous downpour of the wettest water one has ever been drenched by, there scurried two Elder missionaries. After a long day of appointments and finding people to share the restored gospel with, they had their hearts set upon returning home, and proceeding with the night's events. Those being: to plan for another great day of the greatest job in the world and sleep. Though their hearts were set upon reaching that pillow, an alternate course of events unfolded, contrary to that which was expected. A flurry of movement in the corner of one's eye diverted the attention from thoughts of a good nights sleep. The two, being of a most adventurous nature, quested after the source of this movement. They were led to a patch of grass, not far from whence they came. Upon arrival at their new destination they were astounded to find that this source of movement they were inspecting, came from an incy wincy frog. What excitement! What wonder! There was a tiny amphibian hopping around their front yard! The small creature was scooped up and brought inside for a photo shoot. It was promptly named, and given the highest of honors, that being the title, Elder Jorgensen's best friend. Then when it was time for Gilbert to complete his quest he was carrying out before fate had intervened, a quick hug was given, and off he went. A distant land awaited him, full of monsters to be slain, and flies to consume, but within his heart, he will always remember the day he met the missionaries.  Long story short, we found a frog, took pictures with it, and let it go. It was great!

The rest of my week was a great one. I was on exchange on Wednesday with another missionary, and it was cool because I ended up having to do everything myself, and I actually did it well. Who'da thunk I could do something right? Not I! I'm just kidding though. I feel great. Our teaching pool is always in limbo and there is so many new people every week, and the ones we have will disappear for a couple weeks then randomly pop back up. Don't know what's up with that, but it's all good! I keep pushing through! I will tell you one thing that is weird... All the senior couples that were out when I came out, just went home... That means that I am older than all the senior couples... mission wise. That means I'm almost half done, which is scary and terrifying because I'm finally starting to get the hang of this whole missionary work thing. But do you know what the best part is? The glass isn't really half empty. It's not half full either! Luckily I've still got the rest of my life to be a missionary! Everything really is going great though. 

I've been studying the New Testament a lot recently and I've been reading Mark 4 this morning... This is honestly one of my favorite chapters. There is so much to thing about, and so many concepts you can study from it. It's crazy!! Me and Elder Goates are pretty much best friends. We get along so great! I'll be sad when our time together is over because we work so great together. Transfers are next Tuesday and I'll find out what's happening on Friday. So I'll let all you know what sort of Jawn is going on next week. As for now, the gospel is true, I'm still as scatterbrained as ever, and missionary work rocks! Oh... Also, for all you people that are graduating in the next coming weeks, I better be getting some announcements! Love you all!

~Elder Jorgensen

Gilbert giving me a hug good-bye

Elder Goates and Gilbert

I like Pennsylvania...It's pretty!

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