Friday, March 28, 2014

Heavenly Father is Our Personal Life Coach ~ FB Post

"So as a 13 year old at about 4 feet 11 inches and weighing a whopping 80 pounds I decided I wanted to go out for my community's little league football team. I soon realized that playing football wasn't going to be quite as easy as I once thought, due to the fact that I was SIGNIFICANTLY SMALLER than the rest of the team. Despite this minor set back I resolved to work my hardest. So I did just that. I was never the best kid on the team, I was never making the huge plays, but I listened to my coaches advice. They helped me to enjoy playing the sport. This is a picture of me after the last game of the season. I was happy because I chose to work hard, and never quit. Our Heavenly Father is our personal life coach. He trains us, give us our plays and helps us know what we can do to be happy. As we give him our all we can know that no matter how small we may seem to the world, in the eyes of our Heavenly Father, our potential, and our heart, is oh so very tall." ~Elder Jorgensen


  1. Saw this first thing this morning. Love him soooo much!

  2. Great Post! It made my day to see Elder Edmunds in the picture.