Monday, July 20, 2015

July 20, 2015 ~ Week 104

{Missionaries leaving the PPM with President & Sister Anderson}

Well everyone,
Here we are. Just a little over 24 hours away from not being a full time missionary. Mixed emotions. 2 years ago when my mommy dropped me off at the MTC I had absolutely no clue what I was getting myself into..... At all. I hadn't really given it any serious thought. So imagine my surprise when I figured out that the next two years of my life would be full of uncomfortable situations, angry people, annoying companions, and terrible food. But wait, there's more... They would also be full of humbling testimonies, lives changed, miracles seen,
lessons learned, and my own conversion to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The greatest thing I have gained from my mission that is absolutely priceless is the knowledge I have of my Savior. I have come to know Him. I have also come to know how little I do know about Him. I am so excited to be able to spend the rest of my life learning of him, and serving him. I've done my best to work hard these past two years, and I know that far greater are the blessings I've received than are the services I've given. God has been gracious with me, and He is gracious, and merciful to all who would follow his son. It's late Sunday night, and I've got a big long day ahead of me. 

I love you all and I will see you on Tuesday!


Elder Jorgensen

Missionaries leaving the PPM at Washington D.C Temple

Elders leaving the PPM with President Anderson at Washington D.C. Temple

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