Monday, May 18, 2015

May 18, 2015 ~ Week 95

Hey everyone!

This week has been really great in our area and in our zone. We have a lot of people that we were able to teach this week but probably my favorite lesson this week was when we taught a less active member named Steve. He has a whole awful lot going on in his life right now and we talked to him about what he wanted out of life.   He wants to be happy, content, peaceful, and other things like such. We taught him about the Holy Ghost and how the only way to find joy, happiness, peace, or anything that is good is through the Holy Ghost. It had a huge impact on him and you could just see the change happening in him as he got it. We helped him know what changes he needed to make in his life to have the Spirit with him more often. That lesson and the thought and study that proceeded it, have helped me to learn a lot of the doctrine of Christ.
The only goal any of us need to set, or reach is to have the spirit with us, and everything in the gospel only leads to that. It really is so simple.

In our zone we have seen a huge increase in motivation and faith and that has shown its face in an increase of numbers. It's been an incredible difference and what we have been doing to help it along is just teaching, and being committed to the concept of accountability. People feel responsible for what they do, and they take pride in it. Cool to see. Anyways, stuff is going great.

Love you!
~Elder Jorgensen

Elder Jorgensen found an EFY friend at the Washington DC Temple!

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