Monday, January 26, 2015

January 26, 2015 ~ Week 79

Hi people,

This week has been super good.  We got to go to the Washington DC temple on Saturday and that was super fun.  Someone Elder Engleman baptized was going so I got to tag along with them. Going to the temple after not being there for a year and a half was such a cool experience. I was so excited to get in there when we were outside the temple waiting to go in. It was killing me because I just wanted to go in.  When we got in the temple, I  just felt so peaceful and so at home. It was amazing. Once we went into the temple we did baptisms and I baptized Elder Engelman for the dead and it was really funny because he's like 6'5".  While we were in the temple I received answers to lots of prayers, a couple different ones, but it was so powerful and so specific and direct like I've never felt before. I can't wait until I can go again. If I could, I'd just spend all day every day there. I'm so jealous of the temple workers. I'll be one someday! 

Elder Engelman goes home next week... So that's weird. We were supposed to have this crazy big huge storm today and all our cars got grounded, but it only snowed like half an inch. Delaware is the most boring place ever. Even catastrophic life threatening blizzards that supposedly ravage the entire east coast barely even affect us. Oh well. Things are going great with me! Love you!

~Elder Jorgensen

Washington DC Temple

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