Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28, 2014 ~ Week 40

Hey Everyone...
This week has been amazing! Lots and lots of miracles have been going
on. Sorry this letter is going to be kind of short and to the point. I don't have much time. 

Quick update on some investigators: Trey is doing great! He's
still on schedule for baptism and he decided he wants to go to the YSA ward,
so that's super exciting! I think at this point he's the only investigator we have that you guys know about. But we have 2 other awesome people that came up miraculously out of nowhere. One is Aisha, who Elder Beatty and Fawcett were teaching but just handed off to us. She is supposed to get baptized in 2 weeks which is super exciting! It's weird though because we've only had one lesson with her and that was the hand off lesson. She came to church though! It's super awesome. She's really good friends with one of the youth in the ward. So that is working out beautifully! The other one is Wilmary who is a friend of a member, Staline, and she knows basically nothing about God, but she is just so ready, and excited to learn about Him! In our lesson with her she asked us if she could get baptized and she barely even knew what that was. It was way cool! Things are crazy here. We are teaching record amounts of lessons right now, and we have a ton of stuff to do all the time. I gotta go now, but I'll update you guys better next week! The church is trueRead your scriptures!

~Elder Jorgensen

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