Saturday, August 3, 2013

Last Letter from MTC ~Week 2

Here's a snipit from Elder Jorgensen's letter this week:

"The MTC experience for me has been moderately hard. I've had a harder time than the others in my district but by no means have I been miserable. It's interesting to me that I have never had a trial of faith in my life until I got to the MTC. We pretty much have class all day. All we do is learn how to teach and practice teaching. The spirit finds ways to teach us and try us and test our faith in ways you wouldn't believe. I feel like I have learned how to listen to the spirit enough to let it teach the gospel to the investigator uninhibited but I am still pretty nervous about actually contacting people and everything besides teaching, but I know that if Heavenly Father can help me teach, that he can help me with everything else as well. It's crazy! I got fairly sick and went to the doctor the other day.  They had me get some blood work done because they thought it could have been a bug I picked up while camping on the High Adventure.  All was well though. I've made very good friends in the MTC. My whole entire district is great and I get along well with all of them. My companion, Elder Parker talks a lot but that is ok. The lifestyle wasn't really too difficult to get used to for me. It's interesting to see how much I've changed in such a short amount of time. The first week lasted forever, but this last week has flown by. It's funny what you learn when you are constantly bombarded by the spirit."

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