Monday, June 22, 2015

June 22, 2015 ~ WEEK 100

Hey there everyone! 
It's been a real swell week. Or actually, it's been a rather Swoll week. If you didn't know, Elder Bergman really
likes to lift, and stuff like that, and so that's what we do. We take our early morning workouts very seriously here in the Valley Forge West Zone. "Get big, stay huge" that's our motto. The only thing we take more seriously than pec day is... Well... Umm.... This is awkward...  

But anyways, due to our diligence to strictly living the word of Wisdom, we have seen blessings bigger than our biceps (now that's saying something.) Jacqui came to church this week! We had a lesson with her on Friday where we taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is amazing to see the growth that she has made. She is the single most prepared person I have ever met. She had to work until 3 am and still came to 9AM church, and was there early. She took her own initiative to go and meet people and loved it. We are teaching her again tonight. We also had zone conference yesterday with Elder Katcher of the 70. It was an amazing experience. He taught us about mind sets, and how to not set limitations on yourself. We talked about working with the Ward council, and a whole bunch of stuff. I bore my testimony at the end, and I'll tell Ya, that was cake. The most difficult thing in the world was singing our mission hymn one last time at the end... Rough stuff. But I got through it. Stuff is getting real here. But, I'm ready to take all I learned at zone conference and apply it. Our goal is to be hitting 30 lessons a week by the end of the transfer and 200 as a zone. Very possible, and everyone is very prepared. I think I'm smelling some miracles on the horizon... Or maybe that's ammonia... Maybe a little of both... Anyways! 

I love you all! Remember to squeeze those scapula!

Elder Jorgensen

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